New Apple Ads Take Direct Shot at Microsoft's $300 Milliion "I'm a PC" Campaign



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Macs are consoles with keyboards.  Which a console would be great with a keyboard if you didn't actually have to use it for a computer.



Are they still talking about all of "the V word's" problems that they never name... honestly, i switched to vista about 2 weeks ago and im actually satisfied with it slower gaming yes but overall a very nice OS (and before anyone responds with "i should try linux" i have a dual boot with Ubuntu (yes i set up emerald and compiz) and i used to have OpenSUSE on my system) but anyways... heres my idea for a comercial... they get 5 mac lovers and 5 pc lovers, put them in a room and let them argue about it... somehow i think the pc would have more "highlights" of the argument... then make a comercial about the mac people getting owned at something they like to do best (talking shit) the only difference is we can back it up



Quote= "even though you despite them (which I do)."

Apparently the writer "dispite"s the Red Sox. Lol.

On another note (a little bit less English-y). I hate mac commercials. All my mac friends chuckle and say that is so true, where as I just sit there and chuckle cause they are retards. Have you tried a mac- I tried one and it kept on gliching and freezing!

 I will build a hackintosh- not because it is a superior operating system, but so I can have to a toy.

Mac OS X has a nice UI though.



The writer (me) despises Tampa Bay, not the Red Sox. But you did find a typo, so have a cookie on me.



why the hate? you cant win the WS every year. you came up huge in game 5. why cant you just be proud of that instead of trashing a team with 1/3 your payroll?



yeah, these commercials were funny at first but are now played out. What's amusing are the YouTube ones with Mac, PC and Linux. And Linux is a girl!!! oh and the "I'm a Nintendo, I'm a Playstation" one. that's funny too.



 Okay, the first computer I ever touched was an Apple IIe.  And that was the last Apple product I ever used, thankfully.  Sure the Macbooks look slick, but what do you do when the motor of your slot-fed, integrated-into-the-chassis DVD drive burns out?  It happened to a client of mine, who said, "there's something wrong with the DVD drive."  Well DUUHHH!!!   There's something wrong with the whole thing:  It's a MAC!!!  Unfortunately she had to send it back to Apple, haha.

 At least Micro$oft had the decency to sit down with MaximumPC and relate their Vista issues.  Why don't I ever hear of Apple doing something similar, say with their bad iPod hard drives and proprietary Mac hardware?


"...and the sea shall grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams...of home."

--Christopher Columbus



does anybody else see the irony here about mac mocking Microsoft's advertising?


and it's funny how mac mock vista's stablebility. i used one of the imacs at school for video editing(the ones with Core 2 Duo), and the bloody imovie crashed 5 time in 2 days. yay for stablebility.





Hi I'm a PC, And i'm doing my own ad campign.


And I'm a Mac, and i'm afraid of fair competion.



Firstly, WHOO SOX! Secondly, i don't see the point of bashing's like Steve wants Gates to do what we're all thinking he should do, retaliate. Mac is the bully of the computer world. Thinks it's hot shit in a champagne glass, but really, it's nothing more than the disliked bastard child who basically robs you of your lunch money (in this case, money for apps or perhaps even lunch for a few weeks given the 3k price tag in comparison to pc tags that are a quarter of the price) and then this child beats you and your friends up verbally with little result, all in a desperate cry for attention. PC is the moderately intelligent kid, whom people like, and get along with, and who treats everyone with respect, and takes a lot of pushing to get agitated.

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