New Android App Helps You Spot SOPA-Supporting Products



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So is there an app that tells you if this app did a good job on identifying companies that are SOPA supporters - or do we just assume they are the "good" guys and are 100% accurate.  I'd be real carefull about putting much faith in something like this if it were that important to me.



If we really wanted to stop things like SOPA we would just stop pirating software and media.

Without a pretext for it, SOPA and it's successors would never be passed and the internet would remain free.

Ask you self if it is worth it to keep your internet freedoms at the price of paying for the PC games that you play...



You assume that everyone that supports free internet is a software pirate. Why don't we assume that everyone is a murderer as well and let police do random raids in our houses. Just tell your traumatized kids that it is necessary for everyone to be subjected to this because some people commit crime.



Right, because they actually need a factual pretext and aren't above outright lying to get their way.

While you're appeasing, kindly destroy your PVR/VCR, and all CD/DVD burners in your posession.

"I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone."



Agreed. Remember, these are the same people (RIAA and MPAA) who claim that pirated music and movies are worth more than all the money that exists on Earth, and tried to file suit against Limewire in march 2011 for $75 Trillion (not a typo, with a T) dollars in damages.

these sick fucks fine upstanding corporate citizens are not above outright lies to get what they want, and what they want is control of your entire entertainment life.


Ghost XFX

Disney was one the companies handing the software out for free. The Gov't had been hoping to gain control over the net for a long time now. It's the only area they have no actual control. Pirating actually forced them to lower their obscene prices a bit. They can't sell at the astronomical figure they'd like to impose. And that ridiculous figure they threw out there about costing jobs is B.S. as well. If you're not privy to Disney's usual practices, you've lost the fight already. This is a combine effort of Disney and a Progressive government collaborating to take over the net. I'll fight these SOB's tooth and nail over their corrupt ways. Take a close look. How many of these companies are on the support list for SOPA?

And CBS Interactive (C-Net) is the main reason so many downloaded free software to do the pirating with...



So basically every peice of software, every music CD, and every DVD or Blu-Ray movie will flag that it is SOPA supported. I didn't need an app for that. 



And also every single television channel you view and any content associated there-with.

remembe, the networks are actively avoiding any coverage of SOPA/PIPA on TV because they support the draconian rape of the internet laws.



The use of our wireless technologies to fight the government prepare for blackouts!

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