New 50nm Process Will Make DDR3 Faster and Cheaper This Year



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Sounds like cheap/faster DDR3, cheap MOBOs for them, USB 3, 32nm octocore proc., cheap/amazingly fast SSDs, Windows 7 SP1, and whatever best GPU is out there might all converge for my new rig sometime in the foreseeable future.  That'll be nice. 


Keith E. Whisman

I'm going to upgrade from an E8400 to a Q9650 for $300dollars. Also going to upgrade to 8gigs of DDR2. I see no need to go to I7 just yet. The Penryn cpu's are still mighty powerfull and by this time two years from now something far better will be out than I7. I7 is Intel's first generation of CPU's with integrated memory controllers and I bet there are areas that need some tending to.  Besides when it comes to gaming and that's pretty much what I enjoy the CPU is not as important. I'll upgrade to the latest CPU when I'm forced to because of new Video card port requirement or something like that. 



Reading about all the new components available (Core i7, GTX 295, etc) has lately made me ready to pull the trigger on a new gaming rig. The news of forthcoming faster, more stable  DDR3 memory may force me to be patient.



Nice to hear and somewhat not. I am building and am buying 6GB worth if DDR3. Can't wait forever. "For progress"



Well, there's always next time...

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