Never Say Never: Duke Nukem Forever Lawsuit Dismissed, Game Still in Development



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Don't know anymore what to think...

Just sad a little bit, some say it's in development some say no more get over it, all gone should i say.

Duke Nukem 3D was the first game played on my 486 after multimedia upgrade back in dose days and yes it was pirated so what who cares, i don't have millions in my pocket.

RIP The Duke! 





I think PC Gamer's mascot Coconut Monkey will release his Gravy Trader game before this comes out.



I've been eagerly anticipating Gravy Trader for over a decade.  I'm confident that it will quite simply be the greatest achievement in the history of game design.



I was reading and laughing and my wife walked and and asked me what was so funny. I told her this game isnt going to see the light of day and I dont really care anymore if it does come out. Its going to suck in so many different ways it isnt funny. Get over it Duke fans give the guy his proper respect and bury his ass. He isnt coming back no matter what you think.



If this game ever makes it out the door it will either be the bomb or a dud. I am leaning toward dud right now.



the duke was my fave of all shooters i ever played. not becouse it was the best in the tech dept. it was fun , and if a game is not fun i wont play it ihope these money grubbing babeys get their crap together and see that there is lots of money to be made for both of them. you know that there are 3 people in the world you dont want to piss off a cop your bartender & a pc gamer.


Mighty BOB!


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