Netgear's Digital Entertainer Elite Looks to be a Practical HTPC Substitute



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Support for an IR balster?  I can see forcing it to use HDMI or composite but having it able to flip my channels on my satellite box would be must don't you think?  I mean if you are trying to be like TiVo, then you also need the broadband access to load in your scheduling depending on your provider...


Let's face it, if they don't go there then it is a glorified VCR as programming it to record will be a real pain in the...  I'll stick with my satellite remote that controls my vcr if this is the case...

On the other hand they make no mention of having a TiVoToGo feature which I assume it will.  This means streaming the recording back to a media server in a format for portable devices.  Now that would start making it sound a little attractive... 



 too bad we can't zoom into the picture. I'd like to see it closer.


I was just thinking about building a htpc (and indeed, I could still make an argument to have both), but if this is the right price, I'm in. It sounds good.


"There's no time like the future."



No tuner. I'd like to see Netgear or ANYONE cut through the crap with CableCard. That is the missing piece to this puzzle. How long has it been> 2 years since they developed CableCard adapters for HTPCs, and do they even work?



They work, if your cable company carries CableCard like they are supposed to.  However, I don't think you can get CableCard-capable tuners without buying OEM boxes (Tivos or HTPCs from Dell/HP/etc.)



SOmebody has to open up that can of worms and pwn it. Didn't Sony say they were going to release the one to unite all cable cards last year?

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