Netgear Unveils New Flagship N750 Router



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When should we expect a review ? next Mag ? ... And i own the 3700 .. if i buy the 4000 can i Bridge them togather with out DD-WRT  ?





WNDR4000-100NAS $149.97 (, for this thingy so keeping that in mind, I have to consider it vs my WNDR3700v1 kit; and I've decided that since the WNDR4000's 5.0GHz tri-stream might not be worth the hassle unless my notebook could also handle tri-stream's on the 5GHz channel and I know my present notebook doesn't.

All things considered, WNDR4000 isn't too much of a step up from the WNDR3700 (N600) versions. Guess I'll keep an eye out for Open Box's or Recondittioned models over the next few months. Just in case, cause I do eventually plan on grabbing a newer notebook anyways.

WNDR4000 = 680MHz MIPS Processor 32bit, 64MB Ram, 8MB Flash.



ive had the 3700 for a over a year  now and its by far the best router ive ever had. (to be fair, ive only owned 2, lol). i use the 5ghz band for my home theater setup, 2.4ghz for basic stuff like cell phones and laptops, and a hidden guest acct for my personal guests, nothing to crazy but it dodsn't drive me nuts like my last router did.


Annie B.

I have been following this router since CES 2011. Just posted about it hitting the stores:



Test the ASUS RT-N56U. Best home router I've ever owned!


Mighty BOB!

I bought a 3700 last month.  I guess it will be a long while before I have the chance to try the 4000, although by that time something better will have come along.


Also I could swear that the box for the 3700 lists USB printer support in addition to hooking up a hard drive for NAS.  Or maybe it was only Ethernet printer support.  I don't use that feature at all so I don't know for sure (my printer is plugged into the back of my machine).


Has anyone noticed that it's primarily Paul's articles that still have the CAPTCHA?


Also FB opt-in not opt-out plz.  Or just get rid of it.



@ Big_montana

I have a Linksys WRT610N and it doesn't have printer support, neither does the new 3000 series (rebadged WRT610n). is selling the N750 for $149.99 with $6 shipping!



What, still no USB printer support? That is what prevented me from purchasing the WNDR3700, and sticking with Linksys.

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