Netgear Rolls Out Another 802.11ac Wi-Fi Router



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The first line says R6520 but I think you mean R6250. I almost thought this was an newer router from the 6300.

I also bought the R6300 for home and one for work. I get much much better range and speed than my other "n" routers on all my "n" devices. Even though I don't have any 'ac' NIC's, I highly recommend these 'ac' routers with 'n' devices.



I have the R6300 model. I don't use the ac spec as I don't have any NIC's with that spec, but the router itself is quite good IMO. I get 100% signal strength through out my whole house with maximum speed on my network. Even my PS3 which was only getting at best 60% signal on my old Netgear is at 100%. Everyone can watch Netflix in HD and stream HD video's from YouTube with no problems and still transfer large files between PC's.

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