Netgear Launches 802.11ac Router, Announces Two New 802.11ac Devices



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they call it ac because it air conditions your room. xD



Gook luck in that thinking, having external antenna capabilities could and might intrude on external AP or repeater solutions. I can only presume that they would want you to buy a AP device to help extend radio range and not have the ability to add-on external antennas. Only one consideration about routers with out external antenna connections.

Besides, will see how all these new Wifi routers work in the real world and in heavy populated or areas with high WiFi congestion.

And when will the client side be fully supported too?



802.11ac would operate on the 5ghz spectrum which is relatively uncrowded compared to the 2.4ghz spectrum. Also the 5ghz spectrum has a smaller distance as well. So, this is really made for a local area and unless everyone upgrades to 5ghz, there would be very little interference.



Is there some kind of law now that says you can't engineer a router that wouldn't look good in your living room? Honestly; I can't see myself ever buying a wireless router with internal antennae. Give me a router with 6 foot long antennae and allow me to overclock it and add a water cooling block. Not everything has to look like it was made by Apple.



It's ironic that you're attacking Apple-like design yet desiring some niche aesthetic.

I can understand wanting to have a PC that has looks to match its price, if you have a $2000 build, but honestly, why give a damn about how your router looks?



You sir.... are dead on the money!



Maybe there is a market there and a good idea. I mean how much could a stinking router be to make and produce...



Not too difficult or expensive, I imagine. Pick a good, DD-WRT-friendly chipset, and the firmware development is basically free. You just have to provide a router for the developers. Get a Kickstarter project supported and contract with a Chinese manufacturer to make the case, and you're pretty much ready to produce. There is plenty of information on DIY wireless hardware hacks out there.

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