Netgear Announces 2TB Media Storage Router



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Ugh. Where the hell am I supposed to actually put that thing? It's huge, and presented like it's meant to be seen, but it's just a big black glossy square with a logo in the middle. I haven't even purchased the thing, and already I'm sick of answering the inevitable, "So... what the hell is that anyway?"



I hate how they are making routers look like eye candy... -.-

Me personally would rather have a huge square box with a fan on it that is reliable for the next 10 years and have 2 or 3 giant antennas on it. As well as it should have multiple circuit boards for the routers functions. Like 1 be the switch, other be a wireless access point, one be the firewall, etc. I hate how they make junk now adays...

Linksys, I have lost respect for. They cram these circuit boards in these tiny little spaces [WRT160N for example] so they bake themselfs within 2 years and begin to fail. As well as they don't even put out enough power for the wifi signal to be sent across the house... I also want to know where the antennas went. I don't mind how my equipment looks. Just as long as it lives up to its promises.

Netgear is starting to get on the eye-candy boat but at least they have always put their equipment in large enclosures.. I have a Netgear N600 and it gets hot under 7 machines using it. Doesn't bog in performance, however... but does indeed get hot and has had to be reset before. 



Definately want to see how this stacks up in the real world.

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