Netflix's $1 Surcharge for Blu-Ray Renters is So Uncool



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I think you're all fools for paying for movies in the first place. If you're gonna spend time downloading them, why spend that time wisely and learn how use torrents.



A buck more for Blu-Ray discs isn't bad, as long as you can get them. It is very irritating however, to pay the extra dollar and get a "very long wait" message in your queue when requesting a movie in BD format!



I'm with you Paul. I'm peeved to. I've been getting Blue Ray from Netflix since they started offering the service and now all of a sudden there is a price hike. Right at the same time as the starz deal..... I think the Blue Ray viewers got the bill for the Starz marriage. :\  




The percentage of people using the netflix blu-ray subscription will be low.  I think what they are doing is very fair.  You should be happy that:

1.  Netflix is offering blu-ray

2.  They are flexible in allowing the different plans, and not just putting blanket cost increases on everyone.

Did you think netflix could just continually expand their services without ever increasing the price?  I think you should be thrilled that they've increased their offerings as much as they have without much price increase to date.




1.  They are offering BluRay already, without a cost increase.  If the percentage of people using BluRay is low, they don't need to increase the fee because they don't need many BluRays.

2.  Yes, you're right, they are flexible.  However this doesn't change the fact that their REASON for the price increase isn't justified.

They can expand their business model all they want, but they aren't expanding their services to the people who are already paying.  You want more services, you have to upgrade your plan and pay more anyway.  Telling existing customers that they need to pay more for what they are already getting is exactly why Blockbuster's service is unpopular.

Telling me I should be thrilled that they can buy more movies without a price increase?  I'm sorry, but that would only be appropriate if their subscriber base has remained unchanged since they started their operation.  You don't think they can afford new titles because they have more customers paying them now?



Ok, so $1 for each of 8 million customers.  Lets say half of them pay the dollar. That would be $4million dollars. Netflix says they have 800 BluRay titles.  If they have 1000 discs or each title, at the $5 - $6 more a BluRay supposely costs, you are looking at $4 million to $4.8 million dollars.  So within 2 months, all the BluRays you have been getting up to now for a dollar less would be paid for.   So then what?  Are they going to add 800 more titles by the end of the 2 months?  Highly unlikely.  Nor are they going to replace the DVD library with BluRay, not least of all because the large portion of their library does not come on BluRay.

I think these are pretty conservative estimates.  They may have more than 1000 discs per title, but they also likely get their bulk movies at less thatn $5 -$6 more per disc as well as they have more than 8 million customers and more than half are likely to pay the $1.  The cost of BluRays alone does not justify this monthly fee hike.

Besides, $1 a month would be $12 a year, which is the cost of a subscription to this fine magazine.  Would you really want to give that up to watch Jumper or Harold and Kumar on BLuRay?



it's a dollar. Doesn't much bother me. Hard to argue that Netflix is gouging their customers. It's a simple fact - BDs cost on average $5-$6 more than DVDs. Of course, keep in mind that Netflix is not paying retail, nor are they buying a physical disc for every one they rent. If you notice, many of their rentals are "not for retail sale" copies which I suspect they license from the distributors and burn themselves.

Even so, I'm sure BD is costing them more than the $1/mo. they're charging us.






Dear Paul,

 While I understand your frustration, you are complaining about something that actually makes sense here.  You see, when one is trying to run a (successful) business, and they offer a new and improved service, it ends up costing them more money to deliver that service.  By offering you BlueRay discs, they are offering you better service for admittedly higher prices.  Considering that Netflix is probably looking at eventually replacing the majority of their DVDs with BlueRay (now THAT is expensive), then if you don't think that the $1 month is worth it... well dude, do the math.  Or, you could just go rebuy your whole DVD collection on BlueRay and let us know the bill... if you can do if for less than a $1/month, I want to know where you are getting your DVDs.  Oh, and don't forget inflation, along with the other services mentioned.  That had something to do with the increase as well.  My friend, welcome to the real world.



New fees always suck, but....   this really isn't that big a deal all things considered.

First, imagine the enormous amount of increase in Netflix's bandwidth costs with the advent of streaming Blu-ray (they could easily double as a result), and then consider that aside from just eating that cost the only equitable option is to pass at least some of it along to the ones who are using it (as opposed to all/non-BD accounts).

I think it's minimal, it's applied fairly, and is more than justified with what you get for it.

So Paul, while it may hurt right now, just wait until the next time your "lover" here fixes you a nice warm meal and rubs your neck after a hard day at work (figuratively speaking), and you two will be all curled up in front of the fire again in no time.  Just please use protection, we don't want you catching any foreign films we've never heard of.



Well, you are using this increase to justify something that hasn't happened yet. If/when they stream HD content their will be yet another additional fee I am sure.



Bleh, I always hated Netflix. Now because of them I guess I can expect Blockbuster to follow here in the next few months.



If the new charge means bringing in more Blu-rays, I'm all for it.



I mean, really, Blu-Ray disks were a LOT more expensive, the last time I looked.  Now, take my opinion with a grain of salt, since I don't watch enough movies at home to make it worth my while, and I certainly won't be getting into high def anything any time soon, so I don't have a direct interest in this.  But really, if Blu-Ray disks are still around $30, then that means it would take almost 3 years at that rate to offset the cost of just one Blu-Ray disk.  So, given that, it seems like a reasonable thing to me.

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