Netflix: We Hate Making Subscribers Upset (but Will Anyway)



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All the hatred on Netflix recently is getting a bit old. Boo hoo, you can't rent movies for even half the price of a local store anymore, and just put them in the mailbox when you're done watching it. The convenience... Netflix provides a far superior cost to entertainment than most games I pay 40+ dollars for. They even satisfied my inner Nerd by adding every episode of Star Trek, with Deep Space Nine coming in October. How much better can it get, hundreds of hours of Star Trek pleasure!



Exactly. Its still a service that is leaps and bounds better than any On-Demand POS service that is offered by cable companies.

I've got no issues with the price increase. In fact, I'm going to be canceling my subscription and doing all my movies through Netflix from now on. I can stream Netflix on my Wii, PS3, 360, Samsung Galaxy S phone, any laptop or desktop, and soon my Asus Eee Pad Transformer.


Prices increase people for services. Not much you can do about it.



Sorry Netflix, but recieving an email out of nowhere stating that you are increasing my subscription fee by 60% just because you can isn't my idea of customer service. The only reason I subscribe to a 1 DVD, unlimited instant viewing plan is because much of Netflix's library is unavailable for instant streaming. Many, if not most, of the new movies and TV shows I watch are entirely unavialable to watch instantly. Unless netflix is going to seriosuly increase the size of their instant streaming library, this is absolutely ridiculous.



I cannot agree more with this statement.  This is the 2nd time I got a "our prices are going up so just accept it and pay up" email from Netflix.


I cancelled my service since I don't agree with this way of announcing price increases.  Exceptionally arrogant!



As a long-time Netflix user, I'm disinclined to give up the accumulated power of Netflix's rating system which is actually quite accurate in predictive quality for our family. I hope the new pricing policy gives Netflix the revenue to negotiate new deals for expanded offerings for watch instantly streaming. There's just too much that isn't currently available online. I definitely see streaming as the future, not hard media DVDs, but programming availability does have to grow for Netflix to succeed long-term.



Because it had to happen. By seperating DVD and streaming they have more flexibility. I personally don't like the change, but I saw it comming, and it became more obvious as they started making more deals for streaming content. This allows them to focus cost where it needs to be, and will hopefully give them more power when it comes to making those deals.

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