Netflix Teases Console Owners with 1080p Streaming Announcement, then Pulls the Rug



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The quality difference between standard and HD Office is very noticeable.  While it could be better, I'm glad I have the option.  And I have the bandwidth for 1080, so I hope it comes sooner rather than later.



I don't really care and neither should anyone else. I agree 100% with the speculation in this article that it was most likely because of the bandwidth speeds of subsrcibers. Almost no one has the broadband speed to stream 1080p at a reasonable bit rate to begin with. Their "typical" requirement of 5mbps for 720p is hardly HD quality. 720p video at that bit rate does not look very good at all. To stream 1080p at a reasonable bit rate I would think it would need to be at least 12 to 15 mbps at the minimum. I don't think there are many people that have broadband speed that high. That's why I stick to blu-ray for HD movies, not to mention the lossless audio they provide. Until ISPs provide faster speeds at a reasonable price and Netflix can stream HD, let alone 1080p at a reasonable bit rate I'll stick to my PS3 and blu-ray.



Until ISP's get with the times and offer faster service for a "reasonable" cost, who cares.



I hope they're not counting the stretched & upconverted "starz play" movies as HD.

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