Netflix Subscribers Watched 2 Billion Hours of Streaming Content in Q4 2011



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Netflix basically let me turn off the cable here in the house. There is enough content to satisfy my son.

The best platform, bar none, for watching Netflix is the latest roll of the XBox360 over XBox live. Very high quality and no streaming issues at all. Looks better than my HTPC or on my main 4GHz machine with NVidia GTX 580 streaming to my 2560 by 1440 monitor. Go figure...



Are you saying that all 3 devices stream to the same monitor and that the 360 looks the best when doing so? IMO my phone looks the best for Netflix, but that's mainly because a small screen @ qHD makes even old-school 4:3 content look pretty good.

I don't see how this "cord-cutting" really works as any ISP worth anything in my area is also a cable provider and pairs its services together. FiOS, Xfinity/Comcast, Broadstripe.

That said, with OTA HD I could totally live on Hulu and Netflix, IF Netflix would get some more History and Military channel content. Seriously, those channels are like crack. Though I expect I'm in the minority on that here, seeing as the commercials on the show do NOT appeal to my demographic at all. ;(



Imagine how much better the world could have been if people donated that time instead of wasted it.



Donating time? Would that be like the cheesy movie "In Time" whose class-warfare pandering and formulaic development sullied the reputation of White Collar's Matt Bomer, and Justin Timberlake?

I certainly hope not.



Says the individual commenting on a web article.



Yes because we should all be doing something productive in our free time. Relaxing is what is sleep is for. No need for entertainment, the real world provides tons of it. Just today alone I have been "entertained" with 3 hours of meetings, being micromanaged, replying to about 1000 e-mails. All this stuff is great amounts of fun. Why would I be interested in seeing an action flick with lots of gunplay or a comedy to make me laugh my ass off. Nah, don't need that crap.

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