Netflix Subscriber Count Up 42 Percent in a Year



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I've been using Netflix since 2006 and am an avid supporter of the service. They have a great selection of physical DVD's and Blu-Rays and their delivery times are consistantly quick (unless they are very new or popular releases).

I also regularly use their streaming service but this is an area in desperate need of improvement. The on-screen quality of the videos are quite good, about the same quality as standard cable television, but the selection of content is very weak. While their television series selection is decent, their streaming movie catalog is overloaded with B, C, and D-list movies. Half of their streaming movies are just junk.

I'll admit their streaming catalog has improved over the past year, with more new titles and a better selection of quality movies, but still, of the 30 movies in my queue, only about 1 or 2 titles are available as streaming.

Streaming content is obviously quite popular, and with television shows, it is wonderful to follow an entire season of a show without waiting for each disk to come in the mail. But until they dump a majority of their low-rated movies and increase the amount of quality movies in their streaming service, I will continue to rely on the DVD-in-the-mail approach to fulfill my movie needs.



We started up with the 2 disc plan and loved it.  After about 2 years, we gave the streaming a try by hooking my laptop up to the TV.  It was cool but seemed like a lot of effort.

About 10 months ago, we bought a Roku.  We bought a second one 2 days later for the upstairs TV.

Lately, I don't watch regular cable.  I either watch a DVD or watch something streamed.  The cable company is getting close to becoming obsolete, just like the video rental store.  i can't wait.



We watch mostly streaming.  There is a ton of stuff on there.  I currently subscribe to the 1 DVD plan.  We rarely watch the physical DVD because I share the queue with my live in girlfriend and she constantly chooses movies that niether of us want to watch... women.



Ive been using netflix at home for about 4 years and its been great. When I went to college last year, my roommate and I split the cost for a single DVD account and stream 4-5 movies a month as well as TV shows straight to the TV from the hookup from my computer is awesome



I have the 3 disks at a time service and have a new movie six days a week.  The turn around is 1 day. I send 1 they get it next day and ship a new one that i get next day. we don't stream many but that seems to work ok.

Customer service I was impressed I had an issue with long wait - short wait then back to long wait the agent understood my question and explained to my satifaction without any run around what was happening.


5 stars in my humble opinion.



I actually stream most of my movies now instead of ordering a disk from Netflix. I got started when I purchased a Samsung Blueray Player with Internet connectivity to Netflix and several other online sources. I was suprised how well movies streamed from my computer in another room to the living room setup. Then I got started watching movies on my computer monitor. Some weekends I watch movies 6 hours a day or more. I like the selection that Netflix provides, particularly in the area of documentaries and film noir which is something I normally couldn't find as often in brick-and-morter stores. 




I was a long time netflix subscriber relying on two disks a month.

Once I put a pc in the living room, I started utilizing the streaming.

I must admit I like it a lot.



We've been with Netflix for 2 years and I don't remember when last time we ordered dvd disk . You know I think we would be even ok to pay 8.99 just for stream however some of the old movies ( Die Hard , Birdcage , Young Frankenstein etc . ) still not on stream service. Well anyway we like Netflix very much.



I mostly stream, we just joined. I hope they expand their streaming library to include more of their dvd titles. They have a large enough selection that it is not a problem but I would rather just stream.

Corsair Obsidian 800D = Win

-Nvida vs. ATI, who cares as long as it maximum!



I have actually been a customer since late 2007 and I love it. I started out with 2 discs at a time and later moved to 3 discs at a time for the new releases every week. I mostly get physical discs and then watch a lot of tv shows on there. Though, sometimes I will watch a streamed movie instead of getting the physical copy. 



42% new subscribers would explain the huge wait times for new movies....sometimes well over 1 month after a films release !



Also Netflix has deals with the studios to start renting dvds a month after they hit the stores so the studios can sell more dvds.

Corsair Obsidian 800D = Win

-Nvida vs. ATI, who cares as long as it maximum!



You do realize that it's not Netflix that is promoting the one month delay on new releases right? Why would they do that, it only hurts their business. It's the studios that won't release the licence to rent them so they can try to make more sales before rentals become available and bite into their profits.



I also thought it was an agreement between the studios and Netflix.  So, maybe I thought wrong. I just somehow remember hearing by Netflix delaying new releases, the studios would expand the library for Netflix movies that can be streamed.

 From an earlier Max PC online article

"Warner Bros. had made it clear last August that it was not going to let
movie rental services eat into its revenues by hurting DVD and Blu-ray
sales. Now, it has concluded negotiations with Netflix, the largest
movie rental service, and got its way. Netflix will only be allowed to rent out the film studio's DVD titles 28 days after they go on sale.
As for the studio's end of the bargain, it has agreed to charge a
reduced fee besides pledging more of its films to Netflix for its
streaming service. Other studios are also expected to reach a similar
understanding with Netflix


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