Netflix to Stream Premium Content from Starz Network, Wins My Heart



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I must admit that I myself am very pleased with Netflix’s
service. First, I like how they won’t hold me responsible if the DVDs in the
mail go missing while in route, or if they make a mistake. All I have to do is
report the incident and they’ll fix the issue right up for me. The price they
offer each month to rent unlimited DVDs far exceeds having to go to the video
store, rent a movie for four bucks, and end up only getting four movies from
the video store for $20 dollars, as compared to getting many more DVDs from
Netflix for just the same amount of money.

At first, I was disappointed when I became a member and
found out that their streaming service did not have up-to-date movie
collections. Rather a collection of mostly 90’s and below T.V. and movie shows,
but seeing as how they’ve been trying to change that and not increase the fee
on me, it only makes me want to continue to be a loyal customer to them.

I really can’t believe it took me so long to move to
Netflix, but like your relationship with Netflix, mines has been sweet, nice,
and easy, too.

Finally, I can appreciate that Netflix tries to reward their
customers by improving their services, keeping cost down for their customers,
and much more. So long as they don’t try to pull a Blockbuster, or anything of
the sort, I will remain a loyal customer.


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I have a married friend who insists on sticking with BlockBuster. After asking him about 10 times why he didn't switch to Netflix, he finally told me he had no choice. Half the movies that show up in his mailbox are rejected by the wife after 10 minutes of viewing, and he has to run down to the store in order to exchange them for something she'll agree to watch. 

I wonder how many poor bastards have to do the same. Kinda defeats the purpose of an online rental service, eh?




For some reason I recall the BB in our area not even offering in store exchange because they were an independent franchise.  That may or not be true as my memory serves me.  The owner may have just been a d^ck.  But long have I loved the services that Netflix provides and to check the account and notice that the price dropped; well is just unheard of.  But Netflix did it.  If she were to serve her sweet content to my PS3 I'd be even happier. 




I'm definitley in agreement!  2 xbox-360s and vmcNetflix and now 26 movies in my "Instant" Queue(added 20 last night!).  Loving life! FYI Metric_inch, your cheap BB rentals are due to Netflix kicking butt!  Love the on-demand almost as much as my dual tuner DVR Vista Media Center.  Netflix support does great too!(don't we just watch too much TV!)



in review of......the movies that starz added to netflix.... suffer with bad quality.....almost like "you tube" quality.
The other netflix "instant watch" programing is much better.

have watched episodes of columbo and the office....and the quality was
a little better than SD quality on my 3.0mb dsl connection.

started watching "superbad" and "spiderman 3" starz added movies and
the quality was very poor....very much below standard SD quality.

I do not even know why netflix bothered to do this at such a reduced quality,

why can't netflix offer starz movies at the same (very good) quality as their regular "watch now" streaming programming.



What type of problems did you have with the free in-store exchanges?

I've been using the blockbuster mail service for 2 years now. I get 2 coupons each month for a free in-store rental (movie or game) and can return my movies in-store for a free rental. I never had to pay for the in-store rentals.

If the wife didn't love the in-store rentals so much, I would be tempted to switch to netflix because it is cheaper.

I just looked up my account details vs a new blockbuster membership.
I have unlimited in-store exchanges and the coupons because my account was grand-fathered in. It looks like new accounts are limited to 5 in store exchanges per month.



My beef with Blockbuster is that they've repeatedly raised prices while cutting back on features.  I started off paying $17.99/month for 3 rentals at a time plus unlimited in-store exchanges, then after the first price hike, I settled on the $21.99/month for 2 rentals at a time plus unlimited in-store exchanges. But when Blockbuster raised prices yet again back in December 2007 (they jacked up my subscription plan to $29.99), I gave up and went back to Netflix.



Hmm maybe I've had it longer than 2 years. When I first signed up they didn't have the in-store exchanges at all. I got 3 movies at a time and the 2 coupons. When they added in-store exchanges I received unlimited exchanges.
When they raised rates, I got an email saying my plan wouldn't be affected unless I wanted to change it.

WOW. now wants 35$/month for 3 movies at a time, with unlimited rentals and unlimited in-store exchanges. DAMN that is a rip-off. click on see all plans to see how much they want to charge

If I wasn't grand-fathered in with my plan I would have dumped bb for netflix by now.

Now as netflix expands the instant-download selection, I might be tempted to switch in the future.

In the long run competition is always good for us consumers.



My beef with Blockbuster is shortly after I started to like having the in store rentals, not 1, not 2, but all 3 of the Blockbusters close to me in town went out of business!!  There's no way I'll drive to the ones left just for that "extra".

Switching to netflix soon!



lol - that's a good point. The one nearest to me closed up as well, and while I made myself drive to the one across town, it still sucked to have to do so.






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