Netflix Picks Up CBS Streaming Deal



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With BP/Shell/Chevron/Etc getting $160/mo more of my money than this time last year, and gas prices jerking up every day, I don't know where the money is to come to pay for these services.  All these companies think "well, it'll just be a few bucks a month".  Well, with Comcast, the electricity company, etc. all getting "just a few bucks a month" and my pay not going up at the same pace, I'm running out of places to get "just a few bucks a month".



I was disapointed when I found Star Trek Enterprise on Hulu, only to click the video and get transfered to where the video was actually being hosted. This is good news and I will finally be able to watch it on TV instead of sitting at my computer desk.



Well, that's great... for you guys down south.

Here in Canada, I doubt we'll see any of the new streaming content. Our fantastic cable companies are blocking Netflick from getting any content that will/might reduce they're bottom line. What's worse is the CRTC (our FCC) seems to be supporting them so Netflick is currently a joke for us. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull out.



Um.. How would anyone up here block Netflicks from streaming or showing something?



This is kind of funny. Just this weekend I was checking netflix to see if they had tng streaming.


I Jedi

YES, YES, YES, YES, YES.... AND YES.... Finally, CBS documentaries... :} Oh, and now I can watch the entire series of Star Trek Generations..... SO YES

Oh, and as goes for paying more for streaming content, that depends. Netflix will ultimately switch to a streaming only content model, we all know this; however, with millions of customers throwing money into the pot, it'll make it more cheaper for the end consumer. I would be willing to pay upwards of $20 bucks a month for a streaming only service, so long as it provided quality content from major networks and new releases after a few months.



In other news: snowball fight spotted in Hell.

Would I pay more for more current and mainstream content on Netflix?  Maybe.  A few dollars more.  But not much more than that, and not a few dollars more per content owner.  I don't want every content owner thinking they can show up and expect to get $5 or $10 each month from me 'just because'.

And if the content owners and producers continue on with this "oh we can't make the quality programming you want for less than 10% of your income" I got word for you guys: you bet get serious about making your production dollars stretch farther than normal.  With the economy in the dumps going on 2 years now, I'm not forking over the dollars as freely as I used to, if I even fork them over at all.  With your rank and file of managers and C-suite execs expecting never ending increased in salary and perks while leaving the common man's salary in the toilet, you're gonna find yourself with a bankrupt company real soon.

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