Netflix Passes 10 Million User Mark



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Now someone please tell Comcast.



10 million? Wow, I always thought it was much higher.



I don't think you quite grasp just how large 10 million I've compiled a list to better illustrate...

1. WoW's total number of subscribers is also 10 million - 4.5 million subscribers in the US and Europe equates to a gross profit of 810 million dollars a year.(the other 5.5 is harder to calculate because many of those subscribers pay an hourly fee instead of a montly fee and their rates are not nearly as rigid)

2. 10 Million pennies if laid flat side by side can cover an acre. to help visualize how much an acre would be. Here's a look at what that would like if you stacked them in a cube

3.  If this were 10 million 1 dollar bills the weight would be 22,046 lbs which is about 11 tons. If it were possible to load an F-150 truck with those dollar bills and you could fit in about 1660lbs (the max weight load for the bed of an F-150 2003 model) of dollar bills into each truck you would need about 13 trucks to haul it. *not using the trailer hitch of course*

4. 10 million lbs of eggs would make around 58, 789 omlettes, that's over 19 billion calories. And that's a lot more than the regular allotment of 2000 calories people should eat in just one day. Someone correct me on this but if you only ate 2000 calories in omlettes a day it would take you about 26,027 years to consume all of them. 

5.  If the 10 million subscribers all had the one dvd plan, total revenue would be 49.9 million dollars....that's each month. That would make a nice check wouldn't it? Your year end statement would read 598.8 million. Your average Megabucks jackpot winnings are 14.4 million. Not bad at all. The president makes only 200k a year. *but it would be more if you consider the cost of say Airforce 1 and his other perks*. But it's safe to say that Netflix's revenue is more than 600 million dollars.

Speaking of large sums of cash, Some guy about a year ago tried to cash a 360 million dollar check (which is probably a realistic 1/4 to half value of Netflix's revenue because their 16.99 plan is the most popular atleast so they say it is)...if he had asked for that in one hundred dollar bills he would have to carry 8,089,887 lbs...lets say the bank was retarded and could also cash it for him...his means of transporting said cash would be problematic, an armored truck can only carry around 13,000 lbs, so he needs 622 friends he can trust, I doubt he has that many trustworthy friends, so what about tractor trailers? He still needs 160 friends to haul it all.

Before I go I want to add, I don't mean to berrate, but everyone has a hard time visualizing just how much large numbers can encompass.  I was learning just how much 10 million was when I was typing I'm by no means anyone's better.

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