Netflix Original Content Kicks off in February with "Lillyhammer"



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Holly Golightly

I hope NetFlix starts rolling out with mature animated comedy. AdultSwim has been breakign the rules just like History, MTV, and TLC. With that said, I think NetFlix will be the new Cable TV. I cut the cord during the summer of 2011. I freaking miss TCM so damn much! Anyhow, I want to see AdultSwim-type shows being started up on NetFlix, as right now my selection of shows is looking rather limited. 



Holly, I did the same.  I cut my cable about mid-way through 2011.  I've got Hulu and Netflix, I pay about 20 dollars between the two, compared to the almost 60-70 I was paying for cable.  

I know Hulu has some of its own shows, but they're not very adult oriented, kind of documentary style shows.  Streaming is the cable of the future.  This is why cable is fighting so hard to stay around.  Charging premium prices for someting that just isn't worth it, just isn't working for cable companies anymore.  It's not a monopoly, you can get news from the news channel websites, you can watch all your shows on the TV networks website and movies have gotten so cheap to rent it's easier to go that route.



How many of thought when you saw the title, thought of roaming Tom Brokaws with lollipops in Lillyhammer.  Yes I know the spelling is different but I felt it move. 

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