Netflix One Step Closer To Being The Entire Internet



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I just got DSL after 3 years of suffering the Fair Access Policy of HughesNet, so the 150 GB per month cap seems reasonable. However, since getting DSL, another thing happened - we started watching the heck out of Netflix. I could see where the cap may affect me now, which really sucks because I really enjoy being able to watch what I want to watch when I want to watch it. Not to mention all of the other things I've moved into doing in the cloud... 



I just put my two cents in on the Bandwidth Cap article. I said those with only a 150GB cap should feel lucky. I have a wireless ISP and my cap is 5GB.

With more tv shows and movies and adverts streaming online these days why can't ISPs accommodate their customers with more bandwidth. It seems the World Wide Web is falling behind in respect to the demand.

My question is, is this intentional to raise the bottom line or is there a overall bandwidth limit given todays technology?

If Netflix play their cards right they could end up being the Microsoft of online movie streaming.




Bandwidth =/= Data

Bandwidth = how fast you get your information

Data = the information.


Most ISP's offer fairly fast internet connections (the bandwidth part) however limit how much you can download (the data part).



Isn't this thing only available in USA?



Netflix is available in all of North America.



Too bad Netflix can't become the largest ISP in America =D



Greedy, fat, and lazy. Instead of upgrading to meet the new demand, ISP's choose to stunt the growth of the Internet by squeezing every last dime out of the end users they possibly can with these bandwidth caps. But hey, that's the American Way, right?



Yep. There is no incentive for ISP's to expand or invest in their networks because most have a monopoly or duopoly in most areas. At my zipcode I have two choices for broadband, well really only one choice because I hate AT&T. I know a lot of people who only have Comcast in their area. According to we are rated 26 for average download speeds and 40 for upload. I'm not sure how our prices compare to other countries but I'm pretty sure they're high. I pay $52 a month for a 7mbps connection. If the government doesn't enforce Net Neutrality then we're just going to be bullied even more by the ISP's and costs will go up.



I'm not so sure Netflix is going to be "the entire Internet" with all these bandwidth caps. Not even close, because our ISPs refuse to accomodate.



*data cap. Unless you mean ISPs that throttle your internet speed.


Brad Chacos

I'm just picturing NBC-Comcast "Traffic shaping" Netflix traffic while allowing NBC's Hulu to continue streaming full-blast -- assuming NBC-Comcast doesn't decide to just up and strangle the cable-killing power of Hulu, of course.



Proof that, maybe ISP need to update their own infrastructor. As netflix is almost on every tech device, from smart phones, to T.V loaded with apps, game consoles as well as DVD and blue-ray players. We also have to include cost which seems to hit a sweet spot. So the amount of user's using netflix service will continue to increase. 


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