Netflix May Offer Premium Content for an Additional Fee



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10 is far too much for HBO content. Especially if its not in HD. 10 for access to the many movies that still are mail only? Maybe.



I'd be willing to pay an extra $10/month to get streamed access to new releases that are currently only available by mail, but not for a service restricted to HBO movies/shows.



id pay 10 more $ a month if they put all there content up for stream but atm streaming is bs all c rated movies from the 80s..



I got this is because the charges keep going up on cable. I can wait for the DVD/Blu-ray version of series I am interested in.



 No Way!

why should i pay 10 dollars a month to netflix to stream HBO in SD quality.......when i currently getting 7 channels of HBO on "directv" (inc. HD)for the same price.

Now....if netflix could allow me to stream both all "showtime and HBO" programs for 10 or 12 dollars a month i might consider it.

And by the way.....i have a home built "home theater pc" would be nice if netflix would show us HTPC'ers some HD they do the xbox 360 users.



I removed showtime from my cable package because I figured i'd either rent or stream movies from netflix.  The only reason i would even consider getting HBO or Showtime again is so that i would be able to watch their original shows/movies.  I'd consider spending $10 extra for access to premium content provided everything is available in HD. 



Netfix catalog is movies out on DVD and public/cable 'free' TV now. Since HBO has it's own fee. streaming HBO does make sense. Its like adding HBO not to your TV but your PC.



No.  $10/month is pretty high for video streamed in SD.  Not to mention that I'm not really interested in the content on HBO.   

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