Netflix Makes Another Studio Deal for More Streaming, Longer Disc Waits



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Looks like I made the right decision.



I've been a Netflix subscriber off and on since 2000. When they started the whole "waiting period" for new releases thing, I actually thought I'd care. Turns out, I don't. Waiting that extra month makes no difference.

I use the streaming service for TV shows and some older movies, but there's still no comparison to a physical Blu-ray on a 46" TV. For movies I actually care about, quality trumps convenience. Even if big new releases were avilable to stream immediately, I'd mostly still wait for the disc.


Red Ensign

I've always found it odd that people can wait 3-6 months to see a movie on DVD but add another 28 days and all of a sudden they have to see it right now upon DVD release. I live in Orlando which has a Netflix disto center so turn around is a day. My real problem is that they have stopped getting a lot of the anime releases. My daughter watches a lot of anime so most of my queue is anime. I have 25 anime titles in my queue but they are all under "Saved" since Netflix has stopped getting most of the new anime releases. I know this because every single one of them is available on Rent Anime which I've also started subscribing too. Turn around is not the best since they ship out of Tampa but they are stepping up when Netflix is not.

For those that mentioned Redbox, they too have a 28 day policy in effect for some studio's releases. Again, I waited 3-6 months so another 28 days won't cause the movie to somehow change.



Hmmm...i can pay for a subsciption and get the new relesases a month later, or just go to my local redbox and get it the day it comes out.  Think I will stick with redbox.  Might rent 7 movies a month, with promo codes, still less than netflix



The only way you get new releases now is... *shudder*... Blockbuster.



I like Netflix a lot; for their streaming content. However, their DVD by mail is a pain. I can only get one disc a week at my subscription level and there is no gaurantee that what I want to see will be available and undamaged. This is not a big deal since I got the subscription for the streaming content.

The problem is that Netflix does not really have that great a library. I estimate that two thirds of their library doesn't rate higher than three stars. (If you have spent much time with the Netfix rating system then you know that while this is not how they word their legend, this is what it means. 1=Hate it, 2=Bad, 3=Mediocre, 4=Good, 5=Favorite and Not Interested.) The rest of their library is populated by content that most people want to watch. This leads to another problem. Unless you are very young or have spent the better part of your life living in parts of the world where the words Television and Movie have little or no meaning, then odds are good that you have seen most of the titles that are any good. Heck, there is a good chance that you already own a lot of the titles that you would rate a four or better. That leaves very little left over to watch.

In the first three months I burned through every title that was both new, rated 4.0 or better and was of interest. In the following six months I started watching everything that was rated under 4.0 stars and adding DVDs that were 4.0 or better. In the last six months I have rewatched a lot of the titles I like and watched a few titles that I thought were of no interest. It is now 15 months since I started my subscription and I have been reevaluating my subscription with Netflix. I had pretty much decided to dump Netflix when I move in December. Not only are there few titles left to watch that I might like, there are also fewer titles available for streaming that I know I like. Until today there was not a lot to motivate me to continue the subscription.

This article has me nearly doing a 180. If Netflix really is moving to a streaming based service, then I may keep my subscription after all. At the least I am willing to give them a few more months to turn things around.



More streaming might actually convince me to resubscribe. I don't like waiting for movies because I don't watch too many and when I want to watch something I probably won't still want to watch it days later when the disc arrives. Call me conditioned by society or what have you, but there's something to be said for this whole instantaneous gratification thing ;). 



LOL.. That's pretty funny(joking or not), but still nothing I'd flat out admit to the world!(reply to ferariman below.. this didn't seem to post as a response for some reason..)



I really doubt anyone signed up for Netflix to see only new movies. I mean, yeah, it's nice to watch something on release day, but they can't just buy 40,000 copies of a movie to satisfy everyone on week 1, and then only use 500 every week after. We had a company like that, and they were called Blockbuster.


Streaming ftw!



I signed up for netflix awhile back and the primary use was for me to stream the movies and I set my mom up with the dvd rental. (she has no idea how to use a computer let alone anything in one) I dont live with my mom f.y.i. SO the point being is that she gets the dvds and Ill just take the streaming, 


one thing I have noticed is that the streaming library is bleak, there are only a few select good titles to choose from, and if netflix pulls this off, I wont have any room to complain. 


I hope it does go through.



I mostly stream from Netflix anyway, so anything that increases their streaming library is a win in my book.  And, since Netflix started getting new releases later, I can usually get them as soon as they're available or shortly after, since all the real impatient sorts have already gone to Blockbuster or Best Buy.  As far as I'm concerned, this deal's a win-win for me, since I was never really hung up on having to get discs as soon as they come out anyway.



It doesn't matter to me one way or another.  I don't have reliable broadband (Verizon Wireless) that won't kill me on using over 5GB / month, and all the new releases take a while to get anyway.  So, I can't stream or get new releases for at least a month.  I know the studios want me to buy the movies, but I'm not going to buy a movie I've never seen.  I only buy bluray, and I'm not paying over $20 for a movie unless it's the best thing I've ever seen.  As far as I'm concerned, they keep digging their hole.  I have over 200 in my queue... waiting a few weeks or months for a new release doesn't bother me, and it won't get me to buy anything extra.  In fact, by the time I see the new release and want to buy it, the price will have dropped.



I just figured out how to copy physical discs, now they want me to learn how to copy streaming ones?

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