Netflix Lays Foundation for Future Growth with Open Connect Content Delivery Network



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I love netflix. Cheap, get many movies and shows. But they still need to up their libraries to get more TV shows and movies. Still, much cheaper than cable or satellite.



This is great but as long as Netflix is only available in the Americas and 2 European countries, I am not really comfortable calling it a global service.

I know that my country would not be / is not a major market for the company but I would love to subscribe if it would be available here as well.

(Sorry for being a bit off-topic.)



Unless they add more content to streaming, all the infrastructure improvements will be in vain.



I agree. I've been "discovering" new TV shows that interest me so I haven't ran out of material yet, but every couple weeks I go online to look for new streaming content and the same old crap comes up. I think I've actually started watching more Hulu than I have Netflix.

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