Netflix Investors Giddy with Verizon Buyout Rumor



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if this happens, I will probably just go with Amazonspremium plan that gives you video streeming and 2 day shipping on purchases for $80 a year.




This would probably be the end of the Netflix as we know today. It's no secret that ISP's hate Netflix, so what good could come from an ISP buyout? In the short term I don't think they would do anything because everyone saw what happened when Netflix raised their prices, but eventually they'd add something ridiculous like useage fees or throttle the data. How do you think other content owners would react to another ISP/cable competitor owning Netflix? 



I absolutely do NOT want to see this happen - verizon is greedy, and netflix is fine as it is (though I will NOT stop my disc rentals unless they have all the latest titles over streaming).



The investors might be happy, but as a user I'm not!! I sure hope this is only a rumor...



Verizon is a bungler. They bungle things. If offered something k3w1 and nice, they bungle it until it's bunglie-booglie-bucked-up.







I have had a netflix subscription since 2004.  If Verizon buys them out, thats the day I cancel my account.


Holly Golightly

Oh gosh no!!! Knowing Verizon? They would probably jack up the price to $65 for NetFlix access. I mean, their broadband is over $200 after taxes and surcharges!!! Their FiOS TV is over $90, and their cellphones? Truly at an outrageous price. I would not be surprised to see people paying Verizon $400 a month for all 3 services. No thanks Verizon. You buy NetFlix, and I'll go with RedBox.



I'm not sure how you got those numbers but our Triple Play bundle is quite reasonable.

Phone w/ long distance: $22.01
FiOS TV HD Extreme (funny name): $57.99
FiOS internet 25/15: $19.99 (speeds are more like 30/25)

Taxes and Fees: $18.16

STB $5.99 (SD); $9.99 (HD)
Premiums: Varies

Unbundling these services would see a substantial price hike but nothing near what you indicated. For example removing the TV service would cost about $100 or a little less. The flat rate with 1 HD STB and taxes and fees (no premiums) would be around $130.


Holly Golightly

Oh, I only compared Verizon's top of the line FiOS package. The website has the Ultimate HD for $89.99 a month. For broadband, if you get it without the home phone, it will cost $200 for 150/35. I am not sure how much Verizon charges for FiOS home phone. I use Verizon Wireless, and my bill is always high. I have a family plan of 5.

Monthly Charges $235.90

Surcharges and Credits $17.82

Taxes and Fees $22.48

They really nit pick on everything. Each line is $10, and to add unlimited text messaging is a total of $30 extra dollars. The list goes on and on. One can easily become broke with a company like Verizon. This is why I do not trust them at all. So if they buy out netflix, I can expect them to charge surcharges, credits, taxes, and fees.

Anhow, here are the insane prices Verizon is asking for in the New York market:

I am fine with my cable DOCSYS3 internet. It may not be the world's fastest, but most websites aren't even optimized beyond 10mbps. Heck, Steam downloads at only 2mbps. So I am thinking of just switching over to Clearwire since it is the cheapest 4G out there. That way I can take my broadband anywhere I go and save money. Bills are getting out of hand.



Verizon wants this for one reason, they want Netflix's architecture, (buy the rights, and kill of netflix and then bring it back as their own service) and then they could charge their current ISP users more because they would know how much they are streaming.



Verizon is an old parasite living off the innovations of other companies.  While Netflix investors may be happy its the beginning of the end for them.  Hell, Blockbuster will probably end up doing better in a few years.



Meh, that would suck. I consider NetFlix and innovating company that shook up the lame video rental industry and the only company working to bring me tons of streaming content for a single, low monthly fee.

Verizon does not strike me as the same type of company.  They are too big to look into the future.  They are more concerned with entraping customers into their products and serivces and charging as many pennies as possible.

Should this happen, I'll fully expect Verizon to screw up NetFlix, and I'll drop them.  It really sucks because there just isn't any other alternative.  Hulu can go pound sand with their limitied availability, commericals, etc.  Amazon and their per movie rental fee - no thanks.  Video on demand - what an old concept that should be ended, and expensive and very limited in offers.  Everything else has too small of a catalog to be of interest.



After reading an article earlier today about Verizons idea of a streaming business, this would seem to end very badly for users of netflix.  I would hate to have to deposit 50 cents per movie from Verizon.  



With our basic plan you can watch a total of 1.5 movies per day, after that it would cost $2.99 per each aditional hour of content you watch.

To that you need to add our $10 subcharge that noone knows why it's there but it's there.

oh, and don't forget about the taxes.

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