Netflix Instant Streaming Heads to Canada, Pretty Cool, Eh?



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Oy! Very very nice ... except for the ironfisted ISP's and their assine tight download caps and overcharge fees ... makes a service like Netflix or any other similiar video downloading outfit kinda stupid for a Canadian to take advantage of since Rogers for instance limits you on a baisc service (ultra lite) something like 2GB a month up to its Ultimate service limt at 175GB a month... then theres a scaled overcharge fee for each tier...  then consider your Netflix subscription fee... and the size of a movie 8gb or so?  How quickly would a Canadian dig itself into debt beholden to their ISP?  Of course then theres the "copywrite" law bit... where you're not allowed to 'save' or "burn" your own copy of the flick eh? throwing money into the wind?

IMHO Us Canadians are being Shafted.

See the wiki and do ur math:



I always wanted to catch up on Rescue me.  Now I can :-)  I already have watched all episodes of Season 1, and just started season 2.

It takes 12 seconds for a show to start once you've clicked "start"... pretty good (I have a good broadband cable).  It's not HD at all, I'd say it's below standard DVD quality (for the shows I've downloaded mind you - supposedly, they decide ont the fly what quality they can send, and I'm sure the original source material is also impacting quality).

As for movie, they are far behind what the video store has.  By many months.  Also, TV-wise, I wanted to catch up on "The Pacific", but it's not available yet.  So not much recent stuff ...

One surprise: that new show "Running Wilde" (1st episode) was already there... I guess that's some kind of experiment from that network.  No other 2010 shows though.



One thing if find kinda annoying is that: Flashpoint (A Canadian Show) is not availible for viewing in Canada,

but it is availible in the U.S.


There is NO way I will pay 7.99 a month if I cannot watch Canadian shows IN Canada



I've yet to try it, but I guess there's a very limited movie selection as of right now. But I guess the one month trial would let me see if I like it or not. My PS3, Xbox and Wii could support it. Hoping my Blu-ray player would as well since the US model does work with Netflix in the US but I imagine I'd need a firmware update to take advantage of that.

Although I'm still a person who would rather have a physical copy of the media rather than stream over the internet as my ISP isn't very reliable.



The selection is definitely limited, but it's a lot better now than it was when it first launched, or even just a few months ago. And it's really awesome for catching up on TV series you might have missed the first time around. I'm currently about halfway through six seaons of Nip/Tuck.

-Paul Lilly



I signed up a few days ago, the selection is limited, but not by a lot, granted, it's not the same selection as the US yet, but it will be.  I just wish they'd introduce a section for Canadiana.



Heh heh, it would be cool to stream seasons of Red Green or Corner Gas...

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