Netflix Has No Plans To Support Blackberry, Or The Playbook



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The fact that RIM is losing popularity is nothing new, at least to MaxPC readers. Perhaps they feel the number of RIM users isn't enough to warrant the additional support of another platform?



Hopefully Netflix changes their tune!

I'd rather bring my playbook than my laptop on trips.



With all due respect to Playbook owners: what was the compelling reason you bought that? What was the competitive advantage that it offered over the countless Android tabs?

/not a diss, truly curious



I've had mine for a little over a week now and I love it. Plays videos silky smooth, supports flash, pdf files works great, multi tasking is a breeze, and the OS is absolutely amazing; plus usb support on any PC and acts like an external device to throw files on it quickly. It does what I want and even plays videos for 12+ hours with ease, plus the stereo speakers aren't half bad for such a device compared to other tablets.

$200 sale price for 16GB was the driving factor and it looks very business casual while being very very user friendly. All of the reviews I read gave it glowing remarks despite it having a very limited app store, but out of the box, I can't praise it enough. Almost inclined to get a blackberry phone for tethering since I have sprint.

My only complaint, I should have gotten the 64gb version for $300.



For me:

- Specs for the (reduced) price
- Support local economy (some of my buddies work for RIM and QNX)
- Quality components (it's hard to break this thing if you drop it and the screen and speakers are GREAT)
- I really like the feel of the OS

At the time I bough mine I could get a no name Android device for $200ish, a Samsung Galaxy Tab for $500ish and an Ipad for $600+ and this for $250 with a case and bluetooth keyboard.

I really just wanted web browsing / movie playback on a screen larger than a cell phone but more portable than my 17" laptop.

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