Netflix (Finally) Supports Honeycomb Tablets



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Keith E. Whisman

It's not $8.00, it's $7.99! Get it right damnit! LOL.. You are off by a big fat copper alloy mix penny because a penny worth of copper isn't enough copper to make a penny. LOL. 



Perhaps I'm living in the future. Last month while cruising the Android Market I spotted and installed,, the Netflix app on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and have been happpily using it every since. There have been 1 or 2 updates, 1 of which brought the ability to login in landscape mode whereas previously you could only do so in portrait mode. So, my question is as follows: how is it that this news is coming out today when it's been officially working for over a month? 



The APK for Netflix was available before the official announcement to other devices. However, it was "offically" supported until today.

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