Netflix is Finally Available on Windows Media Center



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I tried downloading the executable & tried installing on my Windows 7 RC media center machine & after it started to install it said the file was corrupt. Also, does anybody who WAS able to get it to install know whether or not it should work in Win7 also? Currently I'm using another addin called VMCnetflix & it worked perfectly before (when I was using a Beta version of 7, still sporting IE7 I believe, or the IE8beta), except now its not showing my Watch Now content. I'm not sure if its due to the fact Win7 uses IE8, or if it just doesn't like Win7 RC? Watch Now wouldn't work in IE8's browser even, saying my configuration doesn't meet minimum requirements.



In order to enable the feature just open your Media Center and go to TV - Movies (or something like that) until you see the Netflix logo. By clicking it you initiate the installation process and rest is easy... Of course, if you are not a subscriber it doesn't work!...

It's not necessary if you don't have your TV connected to your pc, since the picture quality is the same between the browser view and the Media Center view. It is however a little more fancy and makes DVD browsing easier.

The following link will automatically start the download process if you wish. Yes, it's safe!...



 will this offer any HD content? the XBOX 360 people get?



Is this a manual download or pushed through Win Update? When will it be released? Is it for Win 7 now or when retail Win 7 ships?




 I think this would be a manual install. The optionto install should be there, but won't come pre-installed. I'm in Canada and have no use for Netflix (not avail. in Canuckistan). Now if it is 100% installed during Windows install, hopefully I have the option of removing it.


On another note, I'm absolutely loving Windows 7 Media Centre. It is freaking sweet!!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I think it's so annoying when I read an article about something really cool, but at the end there are no details on how I can get said cool thing. Nothing on this Windows blog either,



I have an inquiry in to my contact at Microsoft. The update was supposed to have been pushed out last night. 

My HTPC, which runs on the 32-bit version of Windows Ultimate, got it, but the HP TouchSmart machine in my kitchen, which runs on the 64-bit version of Vista Home Premium still doesn't have it.

Click on the Netflix logo when it shows up in the Movies + TV section of Windows Media Center. That will initiate a download of the Netflix client, which will include Microsoft's Silverlight. The final step is to log on with your existing member info (email address and password).

Michael Brown, Editor at Large



This video makes it sound like the option will just magically appear. I call shenanigans...

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