Netflix Denies Enforcing One Stream Per Customer/DVD Rule



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Our household regularly watches 2 or 3 different streams at a time.  Haven't experienced anything like that and hope that it doesn't happen as that would cause us to give up on Netflix altogether. 


I finally watched Spartacus Warriors of the Arena and Spartacus Blood and Sand.  That is a FREAKIN AWESOME show, and I'm gonna miss the 3rd season as it's part of STARZ :(



I don't understand the hate towards Netflix.  They have done more to open up unlimited, commerical free streaming than any other company.  Period.

I'm glad they are jumping on this and addressing concerns.

Without Netflix, there would be no streaming out there.  They blazed the trail.  Cut them some slack and let them answer these complaints before cancelling your plans.

Trolls happen in the media just as much as they happen on forums.  Don't fall for the initial hype.



"Without Netflix, there would be no streaming out there."


If you really believe that I have a bridge to sell you.


Jer Stryker

I initially suspended my account out of protest for the price hike, but I'm already back to streaming only.  I couldn't live without my Star Trek and Futurama reruns.  I will probably start up my DVD/Blu-Ray que again once I get through the backlog of movies I've purchased and not watched.

I looked at the Starz Play catalog so see what would be disappearing come February and I'm sure most would agree that at least 90% of it is old crap stuff anyway.  The Disney movies are nice but if they can spend that money to get better content I'd much rather have that.  "Current" season TV shows (like on Hulu) would be awesome.  PBS shows for the kids would be nice too.

Starz is no big loss.  The price hike still sucks though.  It's much less of a value than it used to be, but still probably the best price for what you get.



Whoa, It's September 7th here, and I'm reading an update from the 8th. either you guys are in a different timezone...or I've just experienced time travel o.O



I have not tried to stream more than one movie at a time has of yet. I'm one of the many that have dropped the DVD part of the supscription and went with the only streaming plan. If the available movies dosnt get any better (with the lose of Stars it probaly wont) I'll drop them all together.



I pay for the unlimitted plan for streaming I don't need to lose another dvd and pay for it. I like to use netflix on my xbox 360 and sometimes leave it running for the kids to watch as I watch something else on my PC. If they make it so only one stream per user happens I'm going to cancel my subscription by the end of this month... I'm sure a different company will come up with a better plan soon anyways.



Just drawing your attention to this update:

"We were able to get in touch with Netflix VP of Corporate Communications Steve Swasey ourselves, who told us reports that Netflix is enforcing a single stream policy are "not true," and that a few people received a message in error about this. He went on to offer the same quote reposted above from El Diaro Del Ecommerce."

So don't go canceling your plan just yet.



The rule is completely understandable to me; the timing, however, is not.

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