Netflix Customers Charged Past 1 Billion Hours of Streaming Video in June



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Netflix on the Wii hooked up to a big CRT TV works great! :)

We don't watch a lot of movies or TV shows, but it's nice to have when the mood hits. Not seeing any commercials is a very big plus.



1 billion hours in 30 days, or 33 million hours per day! Most of which were probably downloaded during peak hours. And people wonder why the ISPs were crying "uncle." Then, when the ISPs start charging people for excessive downloads, Reed Hastings starts whining about how "unfair" it is. Yet, he's the one making millions of the backs of the ISPs and their resources. Gotta hand it to him, I wish I had come up with a scheme like that.



If ISPs weren't still making a fortune, they'd close up shop and do something more lucrative for a living. The fact that they haven't should tell you something.

Broadband capacity is increasing at a faster rate than usage, particularly when you consider LTE; I can use my phone as a hotspot and get better speeds than my cable internet.



The ISPs are getting paid by Netflix for their pipes and by the users as well, they are getting paid on both ends. Then we have the government handing them out subsidies to increase infrastructure.

btdog sounds like he is an ISP shill.



I think the best stuff on Netflix are the foreign movies. So much good stuff out there from places I never would have expected. I found some real gems from Brazil, South Africa, Russia, dominican republic, columbia, Hong Kong, Japan. It is so refreshing to watch content that's not from hollywood. The American tv shows are good too, especially kids stuff. It's a damn shame so many people complained when they raised their prices. There isn't one single company that is providing this kind of value with this much freedom to view it on so many devices.

Personally I wish netflix would buy out tivo, and provide the dvr service as part of their subscription. No more dvr rental from the cable company, plus all the netflix content equals winner.



Well, I know my wife and I did our fair share of watching. We've been working our way thorugh "Bones" starting with S1E1. We usually watch a couple of episodes at a time, though albeit not every single day.



Too bad the Canadian version of Netflix doesn't have nearly the selection that it's American counterpart offers. Really unfair as we pay the same price, but get less than half the choice.



About 2 months ago I would have said the same thing, but then I came across this awesome VPN service called Unblock-US.

It's about $5/mth US and gives you access to all US content. So now I'm watching both Netflix US and Hulu (will have Hulu+ as soon as I buy a 1 year subscription giftcard at a Buffalo Target next month). It's so damn worth it. Rogers and Bell can kiss my ass.

EDIT: Oh, btw. I just finished watching all three seasons of Sons and Goon last night. God Bless America!



I know Canada and the US are not the same country but they are really interdependent. I don't understand why Canadians are locked out of US content. I agree that it is BS.



Do something with Quebec, ditch the metric system, and join up. We could take the "largest country" crown away from Russia (though not by a huge margin). Once Canada follows through on ditching its gun registration setup, it'll fit right in.

Being locked out of US content in Canada does blow. I didn't pay much attention to the region warnings on Hulu and the like, but I got a rude awakening when I first tried to use 'em on my trips to Canada.



It's sad because it's the same assholes (cable/sat providers, networks etc.) that are protected by the CRTC who continue to basically laugh at the average Canadian consumer while they rip us off. I've gone without cable/sat for about 6 months now and the freedom is glorious. My bills have gone from $150/mth (cable and internet) to $70/mth (internet 32mbps, Netflix and US VPN service).

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