Netflix Co-Founder Defends Qwikster Spin Off



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The reaction to this split is completely overblown. The services that Netflix offers on streaming are still the same today as they were yesterday, and the new Qwikster (which is not a great name, but neither were Wii, iPad, or Pentium - you get used to it) will also provide the same service and more. The price difference each month is that of a few cups of starbucks coffee, so get over it. Bottom line - for those who are sick of Cable/Satellite TV's insipid content, and wasting a 3rd of our time on obnoxious commercials, Netflix's services are invaluable and worth every sent.


I Jedi

Nothing new that the web wasn't already speculating about as to why the split happened, but even I see this as corporate suicide. Netflix's is taking a huge risk with its future by splitting its company in two in an effort to "refocus" on their streaming section and brand. Who knows, maybe in two years from now, we'll see this as the smartest move Netflix ever made, or we could be watching Hulu a lot more sooner. 

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