Netflix Beefs Up Streaming Library with Miramax Deal



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Exclusive or not, this rocks!

And ISPs an cable companies are going to feel the squeeze more and more as services like Netflix increase their library. Its only a matter of time before Netflix is releasing movies the day they come out on video, or TV show episodes the day after they air on the tele.



Thanks to the recently approved merger of NBC and Comcast, Comcast can make sure that's not true for NBC-Universal-owned content.  And since NBC was a partner in Hulu, they'll have a big bargaining chip with the other Hulu partner networks to make sure that doesn't happen with them, either.

Currently, they get several shows the day after they air, like Saturday Night Live, the same as Hulu does.  I really hope that doesn't change, but I'm sure it will if Comcast starts feeling like Netflix is hurting their cable subscriptions.

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