Is Netflix Backpedaling on Game Rentals?



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It wouldn't matter to me one way or the other, unless they intend to do the impossible and rent PC games. 



games have high overhead and low margins, with the new wave of blocking elements if games are resold- the secondary value plummets after the game rental is no longer on the hot list.

netflix is contintuing to stumble, still not reaching out to the customer base to understand what it wants. I should not have to order on dvd a movie that was a hit 3 years ago because netflix still cannot stream it.

that is the problem - the streaming side has no depth- the dvd side has depth but now is saddled with high cost and a disinterested management



So, why does not splitting the website up mean there can't be a dedicated team to disc-based design?  Couldn't you still have dedicated teams that work within a single consolidated site?  This doesn't seem that much of a "novel-concept" to me (we actually do it at my work).  And I think we can all agree, Netflix website sucks (especially their watch instantly interface on PCs... and the xbox 360 interface is just as bad if not worse).



Game rentals and no 28 day waiting period are why my wife and I switched to Blockbuster's mail subscription plan. I think it's been about a year for us and the service has been just as good as Netflix's plus we can exchange the mailed discs at any Blockbuster store for a movie off the shelf. I am not a schill for Blockbuster and have had bad experiences with them in the past but so far the mail order service has been good. We'll see how long they stay in business... 



the no 28 day on dvds is nice but i cant say the same for their games. as of now their selection of games is lacking but i still have a lot in my list although they are older titles that i havent played yet. ill eventually get them some day. they have a MASSIVE delay on getting new games. take batman arkham city for example, its been out for a week or so now and it isnt available on blockbuster until 1/31/2012



I've noticed the lag on games too. We have a Wii in the house but I mostly game on the PC. If game rentals are a priority I do not recommend the BB subscription but the games are a nice bonus for someone who primarily rents movies.



Game rentals definitely couldn't hurt. Personally I thought that making it two seperate services was a great idea. But then again, I didn't mind the price increases and plan splits either.





Holly Golightly

They should have been renting games out long ago. Maybe they would have not gotten into this financial mess in the first place.

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