Netflix and DreamWorks Sign Multi-Year Pact, Kung Fu Panda Coming in...2013?



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I Jedi

Ah, Antz, I remember watching that movie when I was even shorter than I am now. I loved that movie then, and I look forward to streaming it in over a year from now. :P



Netflix is really starting to stock up on the suck sauce.



I find it amusing that people automatically blame the company. Do you not realize that the terms are set by the content owner? I'm sure if it were up to Netflix they would put up the DreamWorks content asap. At least they signed a deal. Better late than never.



Sorry, I have to agree. With all the price increases, loss of Starz, and Qwixter shenanigans, Netflix is going down the tubes fast. I can hardly find anything to stream as it is and the pickings seem to be getting slimmer while the price is going up. Now with the loss of physical discs where I could actually get movies from this decade, I am seriously contemplating canceling. And I'm not the only one. I don't blame Netflix for all of it. The studios and television networks have been out to kill them since the beginning. But they're not a totally innocent victim either.

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