Netbooks to Ship with HDMI in 2011



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Why is this news? My Dell Mini 10 netbook that I bought last summer has an HDMI output. It only supports up to 1366x768 though.



This is news because most netbooks do not. I have an EEE PC 1008P and it doesn't have HDMI, it has a proprietary VGA adapter that's located in a secret compartment on the bottom of the netbook. This is mainly due to the Intel Atom not being abled to power a high res HD image in the scale people would use HDMI for. Now that the Intel Atom CPU's are becoming more powerful, they're able to provide that ability. Also, my laptop only ups to ANY TV at 1366x760, TV's don't have as high resolutions as Monitors commonly, also laptops don't provide that high quality of an image anyway. Lower power video cards.

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