Netbooks set to go Dual Core - Can VIA and AMD Take on Intel’s Atom?



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I really like the netbook concept. Nevertheless, here's my overall wish list for a netbook:

-Dual Core processor
-2 GB SDRAM Min.
-160 GB HDD or 64 GB SSD
-NVidia GPU (Ion platform maybe?)
-Integrated camera and mic
-OS, anything will do.
-6 cell battery
-720p, 1080p better.

-10" display, anything more I would not consider a netbook or mini laptop.  Anything less is just uncomfortable.  They hit the right spot with 10" displays.

-Good touchpad and as close to full size keyboards, or full size if possible, with some space for the hands.  I would also consider a small "rolling ball" mouse, on the right side near the place I usually place my hand.  Hopefully it will work better than the mac mouse button, which is garbage.

-Price: $375.00 Max.

I'm not being ambitious.  But for now I'll wait for a dual core processor and better video before buying.  Money is tight.



I already have a nice notebook, a small one with a 12.1in screen (HP TX1215NR) with Windows Vista Home Premium.  I also want a netbook, but I don't want to spend much.  I want one with a dual core CPU for around 200 bucks for that ultra portable factor.  If and when that happens, I will get one.



Well I'm happy with my Mini 1000 with upgraded MTron SLC SSD.  Really quite fast for anything office or net related and plays World of Goo and Peggle just fine as well.  Compliments a beastly desktop quite nicely.  And the keyboard is totally workable, which is the number one thing for me anyway, cause otherwise I just wouldnt use it as much. 



I appreciate companies like Dell and HP offering to build customized netbooks but it's still hard to get the right combination of parts for a cheap system that will be good enough for basic internet, office activities, and some media. I think netbooks should cost the same as the cheapest PC's you can buy but maybe a hair more because they're portable. My ideal netbook is sub $400 with an 8"+ screen, atom processor, 1gb ddr2, 8gb+ SSD, and 5+ hrs battery life. It's possible to build a better performing PC for about $200 so, to me, a netbook like that shouldn't cost much more.



  Well, I'm no longer an Online gamer and find most of my computer time is for doing reports, surfing the net or facebook. Frankly, I love my netbook (Aspire One). Just got it for xmas and am very happy with it. I will be getting an extended battery, though. I have seen where the extended batteries can last as long as 7-9 hours. I love the weight and size of it. It's very easy for me to carry around into a coffee shop, quickly boot up and get my email. 




The biggest thing keeping me form bying a netbook is it's size. My laptop is my primary computer with an 17' wide screen and full size keyboard with the number pad on the side. When I do travel the size doesn't bother me. I don't see myself getting a netbook anytime soon.


I Jedi

Well, I am certainly glad that I haven't bought a laptop, yet. I will definitely be sure, however, to pick one up before I go to college this year. Wait till the second quarter of '09 when they're out for sure. Good update MaximumPC.



The battery is what holds me back from bying one of these. It doesn't matter how much power a laptop has, if it only can last 2-3 hours - what is the point of having one?

Until I see one with 10-15 hours running time on one charge (withough need a car battery carring in the backpack), I'll stick with desktop.


Keith E. Whisman

When I think of netbook performance a raging river of frozen butter comes to mind. Watching paint dry also comes to mind.



Using a C2D macbook, my XP 1800+ seems slow.

 On the other hand, it is blazing for my momand her 750mhz P3 laptop.

A netbook would be plenty fast for her, if i hook up a bogger screen.



I haven't had too much experience with netbooks, but I think you may be missing the point.  As long as netbooks can boot in under a minute and browse the web and work with MS Office 2k3 or without a ridiculous amount of slowdown they are fast enough. Netbooks aren't made for general computing or gaming.  They don't have to push the performance boundary as long as they are less expensive than regular notebooks.

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