Netbooks Sell Well but Don't Make Money



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 boo hoo i'm not making as much money on my over priced notebook as i could have boooo hoooo

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I'd say its a good thing, it gives people who wouldn't be able to afford a laptop otherwise a chance & not just in the States. Also, while there are power users out there, most people I know simply want to finish something for work, school or browse online. Its not like everyone out there needs a PC for "Video Editing" or "Gaming" although its fun to have that. That's why Acer made a smart move by putting a 160GB hard drive in its Aspire One. & if you hook up an external large monitor like I did for my wife, if all she does is stuff for work, school or online crap then its fine.



1. Since the price of "factory repair," on notebooks has been sky-high for a long time, a lot of independent repair people won't crack open a notebook ---or only if it's to replace the LCD or keyboard; Low profit margins on these machines makes a lot of sense to me. (Relatively, they're kind of "disposable" PCs.)

2. If they were/are willing to sell netbooks on such narrow margins, it kinda sounds to me like the manufacturers --maybe-- can afford to sell all their "portable" products on similar margins. Maybe they could have, quite some time ago --they've just preferred to maximize profit.

I read this as Capitalist "market forces." It's not like they could stock-pile the components for these, instead of selling off stock, and expect to get a bigger profit in 6-12 months. (It's possible they could, but I certainly wouldn't put MY money on that.)

It's nice, that the consumer is benefiting from these things, for once...



 I'm pro netbooking, AS A SECONDARY COMPUTER, much like an all in one, something for browsing the web in a nice little small package. Where I work, so many consumers look at a cheap little netbook, then a larger HP or Toshiba and think, 'what's the difference? why pay twice the price as a netbook for a laptop or a tower?"Try explaining that to your average country bumpkin. No easy feat. Netbooks are cool, but they're gonna pound a stake into the laptop/desktop market FOREVER. OEMs, (who sometimes already use secondhand or cheap quality parts to save a buck) are only going to slash prices and deliver inferior products to suffice the 'netbook' needs, as far as pricing goes at least...




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