With Netbook Navigator's Nav 9 Tablet's Multitasking Comes Bulk and Price



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Unlike yesterday's gadget this thing looks to compete with the iPad head to head. And why is the iPad the gold standard anyway? So when do we get the full review? Aside from the confusing name it looks like it hits a home run. But that's on paper, what does the real world say. But at $799 its almost as expensive as the fully loaded iPad, maybe Apple cut the ports to get the price down? And what kind of 3G deal did they cut, can I still get my $30 unlimited plan? Is there 802.11a support? I think the Apple has the dual freq. WiFi. Anyway, this worthy PC-Pad should be the best indication of what a tablet can do. Is anyone interested?



 wonder if Netscape might take offense to the name...

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