Nehalem's New Brand Name Becomes Official



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At we had this story posted yesterday. look for this and many other First storys at 





You had this official story, huh?

Nice try.  The *official* Intel press release is dated August 11 (you know the one the author links to here), the same date as this story was published.  You could not have possibly had OFFICIAL documentation behind this story on yesterday (being the 10th).

What you would have had would have still been "we're pretty damn sure" speculation.  In other words, the unofficial version.  MaxPC had that too (in fact two days before you did it seems) :


As a final note, I would seriously think twice about advertising your tech news blog on other tech news sites.  It's highly distasteful and a major turn-off.  I will steer clear of it for that very reason at this point. Just my two cents there, though.  Maybe you've had some success using those methods.  I just figured since you were going to treat us all as a potential audience that I'd give you some feedback as such. ;)




Well our News editor found a story on INTEL's site, the same one linked here accesible via google on the 10th. and the story was dated the 11th, and i tought that was weird, but if it is on intels site a day early that is there fault!


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