Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit DLC Dodging PC Due to “Lack of Resources”



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If it weren't for the fact that Criterion arcade racers as so much fun to play I would just say forget them. I am a huge fan of the Burnout series and have literally logged thousands of miles running around Paradise City but I was really pissed of when I found out that the DLC adding more areas and off-road vehicles was not coming to PC. It doesn't seem like a huge stretch to port the XBOX 360 version to PC! Now to find out that Criterion is pulling the same old game with NfS:HP, I am really disappointed. I was planning to buy this game for the PC but now I may have to rethink. I have a 360 but I prefer to play games on my PC on Steam.

Very disappointed,




NFS:HP sucks anyways, pole position has a more realistic physics engine



I don't know if you have been living under a rock, but the long going Need For Speed series is an arcade racer, which is far far far from realistic. You want a realistic physics engine? Look somewhere else.



Pole Position is F1 racing, Need for Speed is not.



I for one was disappointed with the newest NFS--I loved NFS: HP 3 because it actually felt like you were a cop using PIT maneuvers and spike strips to take downs racers. In this game you just keep ramming them and using a "emp" to take them down. Don't get me wrong, it's still a decent game, but Hot Pursuit die hards will want to skip.



I'm not particularly happy this year with the devs and publishers and the way they've been even questioning wether or not to release stuff for PC users.

First of all promising DLC, then scraping PC DLC in leu of console DLC

Developing and releasing games for the consoles, before (or not at all even) the PC.

Less user friendly (or totally unsupported altogether) user DLC (or what we used to call MODS)

It feels like this has been happening more and more...

But... Games like FO give me hope, you know? The mod communities...

I miss the old UT and Carmageddon mod communities (nfscars is still kickin' though: )



I know this is one of my upcoming Xmas gifts.  Thanks for the update.  This one will NOT be unwrapped.  I’ll exchange it after the holidays for a game where the publisher gives a crap about PC Gaming.  I keep hating EA more and more each day.  Sigh.  My computers used to be LOADED with EA game after EA game.  Now I have one and it’s getting uninstalled (BC2) since I’m not willing to pay for the Vietnam “map pack”.



cool story bro



I've played the original Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2003 or 2004 I think) and I liked it (haven't played it again since 2006).  I love the soundtrack and the scenic view !  Anybody else played that game years ago ?

Why is this new version called the same title ?



Need for speed was my favorite that was before EA. I think it was Road & Track



And i certainly enjoyed each of them as they came out starting with III Hot Pursuit.

They all felt just right, they made me feel like a big shot bad boy evading the cops for the sake of speed, sexy cars and brilliant sights.

I'm glad i did not buy this one, though i had to admit it seemed like they were taking the brand back to its roots, but i could not get over this one's wishy washy driving physics (worked fine for burnout, but it is a terrible choice for a game where precision use to be more of a priority instead of building boost or destroying cop cars)

This was a decent attempt, but not a true sequel and should not have been given the same name, nor have been licenced with the NFS brand in my opinion.

This game, to me anyway, is Burnout with licenced vehicles and a "Cop" mode. I feel like they are just milking the NFS name with this one, in an attempt to make up for unhappy Shift, Undercover, and Pro Street buyers. 

I Think that a possible spiritual successor to the series will be Test Drive Unlimited 2.

They seem to be now, what nfs used to be about back then, so i am looking forward to that title.

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