Need Some Advice on Upgrades to Windows 7? Microsoft's Got Just the Thing



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Only problem is that ther is no Windows 7 Advisor for XP x64 systems...or I can find it.  Microsoft does that often just to mess with me.  I know it.  No Zune software for Windows XP x64..and you guys made IT! 



OMG Look at my old sig.... 

MSI K9A Platinum CROSSFIREAMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ Energy Effic. 2.01 Ghz2 X 2GB OCZ Vista Premium Edition Memmory 800Mhz2 X Sapphire X1650 Pro w/ 512MB DDR32 X Western Digital 500GB Drives

 New sig...

Gigabyte GAM790FX-UD5P AMD PII X4 940 4GB OCZ 1066Mhz Sapphire 4870x2 3 X Western Digital Drives in RAID 5 



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