Need a No Cost Firewall? ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012 Has Eyes in the Back of Its Head



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I tried to install ZoneAlarm 2012 also & got to 25% before install crashed. But I’m using Windows XP Pro with SP2 because I’m one of the chosen to have SP3 nuke my computer with its Intel driver packages included. - During ZoneAlarm’s install, a box popped up with a Microsoft Hotfix KB943232. I installed it thinking ZoneAlarm would continue to install successfully but it didn’t. Come to find out, that Hotfix is for Windows XP SP3 only. - So I had to uninstall that Hotfix & ZoneAlarm 2012 with their removal tool which didn’t seem to do much cause there were still a lot of entrees in the registry & in the Add & Remove Programs. I had to use Crap Cleaner to remove the rest of the junk before reinstalling the previous version of ZoneAlarm. - Since Microsoft screwed me with the SP3. What firewall can I use now that won’t tell me “your not protected since you don’t have the latest firewall version installed?” - Thanks for your time!



I don't know about you all but I can't get the installation to go beyond 20% during the configuration stage of the installation, it keeps crashing. I have my a.v. off and Windows Firewall is off. I've re-downloaded the file and have tried the installation again but without any luck. Any ideas? Maybe re-enable Win Firewall? (Win7 Ultimate x64 installation)



I'm amazed at how many folks fail to understand the value of a good personal firewall.  Being able to control OUTGOING communication is pretty crucial - now, more than ever.  You've got a TON of software that is leaking a TON of personal information over the Internet.  A good personal firewall will allow you fine control over what information leaves your computer and who is allowed to receive it.  That said, ZAFree lacks a lot of important features.



I used to use zone alarm alot.  It got bad/annoying for awhile and not sure if it is really needed anymore.  My router, as do most these days have a built in firewall, and as most have said the built in windows one seems to do the job.  Instead of MaxPC telling us(or rather the FW vender) to use it, do a side by side and tell me WHY Zonealarm is better than Windows 7 firewall. 



i would like to see maximum pc review the latest zonealarm extreme security 2012.  its an internet security suite with an updated kaspersky antivirus engine.  they also did a major redesign of the interface in the 2012 version.   the last version [2011] got an 8 from maximum pc.



ZoneAlarms's code and interface stagnated years ago, doing dumb things with the "data" you entered on whom to block when you rebooted, and I don't remember the support being very good, Way Back When.

Even if this is the restart Norton went through on '09, I fear to test it, not that I'm paying Norton for this sort of thing.



People still bother with third party firewalls?  I guess if one enjoys toying with software, but its not necessary.



Ok, honest question here: Why should I run a stand-alone firewall? Seems like the MS built-in firewall has been just fine since the late days of XP, through vista and into 7...


Keith E. Whisman

damn zonealarm has been around for quite a while now, I was using it back in 2001. old, really old. I hope its code is newer.



I have been trying to do allot of research on firewalls and have come up with little more than Windows7 supposedly has one (I have opened it up... but in all honesty come on! It's part of the OS!) and MSE has a "realtime scanner". Is ZoneAlarm Free Firewall or another free firewall something that would help us or is it just redundant and not worth the download? I have found amazing and informative articles on MaximumPC for AV and every other imaginable computer topic, but Firewalls always seem to be forgotten even though it is always referenced!



"there are still some big time benefits to be had from standalone firewalls"


...according to the firewall vendors...



But is it any good? I hated their previous iterations I stuck with Sygate even though it was no longer maintained for a while because it was light and fast until I met Windows 7.


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