NEC's 29-inch EA294WMI Monitor Carries an Ultra Wide Load



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With my current widescreen monitor old 4:3 DVDs pillarbox

With this widescreen monitor new 16:9 Blu-Rays will pillarbox.

I'm all about display progress, but if they're going to make the display so much larger I'd appreciate more horizontal pixels than that (smaller 16:9 monitors run 2560) as well as more vertical pixels than the already too-few 1080.

If they're going to sell this monitor in the price range of a name-brand 2560*1440 monitor they could at least give it as many pixels.



I play on this format (I've had the dell for 3 weeks now). It is not high enough to my taste (only an actual 11.4" high), but the widescreen is really nice, and the 21x9 resolution works perfectly on Guild Wars, Neverwinter and Bioshock Infinite. That last one is simply glorious in such a wide screen.

For real work (email, browsing, ppt, some development), I prefer using 2 'normal' 16x9 monitors.

I think this format will catch on though.


Number Six

So, this is exactly like the Dell UltraSharp U2913WM which has been priced as low as $550. NEC will have to do some price slashing to be competitive.




I like the ultra widescreens.. I've gotten used to having my taskbar docked to the right of the screen instead of at the bottom after buying a widescreen laptop and needing the vertical space..

Going on two years now, and i like it over there, and it gives me more valuable vertical space!



Why scroll down when you can scroll sideways! I don't understand the need for something like this for most people. I work with a lot of documents so I have a 19x10 monitor in landscape and another next to it in portrait. I want to get a third and just put them all in portrait mode because there never seems to be enough vertical space, but there's always plenty of horizontal space. Save that widescreen stuff for the movie theaters.



Pretty soon I'm going to need a wider desk...



Three of them in surround/eyefinity? :D



That's what I do already with 21.5" monitors, and I'm out of room...

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