NEC Developing Minority Report Style Targeted Billboards



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Wow, that's pretty cool. Since it doesn't identify me specifically and store the information, I don't care if it tries to determine my age and gender (as long as it doesn't mess that up). I guess we won't get, "Welcome, Mr. Morimoto!" like in the movie, though.



I mean, this is safer than handing your credit card to the cashier. I guess no one things about that though...


Electronically charged



I still don't understand where people are getting their expectation of privacy in public places. For years and years any store you set foot into has had a surveillance system. You don't see people bitching about being recorded then. If you don't want people to see you, don't go out in public, simple as that.



I can't say that I disagree in this scenario. They're not accessing anything they don't already have, they're just making use of data that they've been legally gathering for years. So what if the cameras are behind a computer display instead of bolted to the ceiling? Ok, I wouldn't be too happy if they were actually identifying people and accessing more than public data... but that's not what they're doing. If they begin digging through my emails, credit history, and browsing history THEN i'll be pissed off. So long as they access only publically available data, well frankly, we don't have any precedent to be back up a complaint here.

We've let them photograph us, we've let them videotape us, we've even let some stores track us online. The fact that they're developing new tools to let them do just that shouldn't come as a shock anymore.

I'm not saying I'm in love with the concept, to be frank... I'm not. However, I'm afraid that we signed away that right and freedom a long time past... along with far too many others. And once you give them up, it'll take blood or a freaking miracle to get them back.

This is just one I'm not willing to bleed for, and after checking my pockets I'm all out of miracles. Sorry. 




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