Nearly One In Four Notebooks To Contain ARM Processors By 2015



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It does seem to validate the strategy for Microsoft developing Windows 8 to also run on ARM processors and it's good to see them (M$) looking ahead of the curve this time. The next 10 years in the personal computing market place should be extremely interesting. We consumers win as a result. ☺



So x86 should still hold 50% shar until 2020. By then I expect some awesome quantum stuff and neither of the architectures will be relevant once that happens.



"Microsoft announced earlier this year that for the first time ever, it would allow a Windows OS to run on a processor not made by Intel."

Uh...what? I've had Windows on AMD processors for years.

I saw a HP at Wal-Mart with an ARM processor (2600 series?). But integrated graphics? How good can it possibly be?



it wasn't an ARM, but I saw something akin to that: an HP laptop with an AMD A6 quad core APU @1.4GHZ with Radeon 6530D graphics.  not the best for gaming, but it was a decent system 4GB of ram 500GB HDD for $700. Sounds about right for a lower-mid midrange laptop.



I was thinking the same thing about that line. must mean my laptop does not exist


Brad Chacos

Pfft, duh, brain fart. Sorry about that - changed to correct the goof. That's what happens when you try to get too creative with words after a long day of working.

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