Nearly 7 Out of 10 Smartphones are Rocking Android



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... and 7 out of 10 Smartphones suck.



Rocking out with a deodexed debloated ROM with root access. :P I ♥ Android. :)



Pffft, smartphone. I'm still rocking my $30 dumbphone which is so stupid it doesn't do MMS or bluetooth or mp3, only the most basic of text. With a battery life of 2 weeks+. And you what? I need nothing else. Instead of keeping up with first world problems, why not consider if you even need a smartphone?



I miss my old phone. I did not have to browse thru a menu just to hang up a call. Just hit that red Phone Button & Bam! Cell Ended! Did not have to worry about crappy apps stealing my contacts, or viruses on my phone, or apps trying to turn on the phones Mic or Camera, or someone trying to hack it via Bluetooth. I think I'm going to go buy me a new one of those old reliable phones before they stop making them.



Hey, some people have a life or a business to run or many, many friends and family...and then there's you.

Enjoy your phone!



If you want to play that game, why would anyone need a laptop... or a PC of any kind? Hell, let's get rid of these cars while we're at it. We don't really NEED them either... and what's with this fire stuff? Alll it does is burn things...

Edit: That being said, I have honestly considered going out and getting a plan for my playbook and reactivating my old Razr that I had back in highschool and dropping my blackberry instead of having to go to Android, but I think I'll just grab a Q10 instead, that is if Blackberry is still in buisness at the point it's supposed to launch....



same here although my battery is finally starting to get worse. im down to just 13 days per charge and that is including 6-8 hrs of talk time with it staying on 24/7. im not addicted to the internet or feel the need to have my face buried in a tiny screen all day trying to be hip and cool



Yeah, kinda difficult to call iPhone the king of smartphones now, isn't it? while only Samsung's GS3 comes close in sales numbers... as an operating environment, it's getting trounced.

Things only get worse next year when Ubuntu for Phones and FireOS enter the fray to chip away at the big fruit. Plus, Windows phone 8 is a decent OS, so I still wonder why it lags so badly copared to the others.



"Yeah, kinda difficult to call iPhone the king of smartphones now, isn't?"

No, it's rather easy to do it.

There are only a few kings (iPhone) and lots of serfs (Android).

Android might sell more units, but so what. The Android market is a fragmented mess. Lots of 2.3 Gingerbread devices that will never see 3.0 or 4.0. Lots of Android handsets that have all kinds of custom code by the cell phone maker or the cell phone carrier, messing things up.

Meanwhile, an iPhone is an iPhone and there isn't any custom 3rd party crap messing up the OS. iPhones get updated to the newest iOS regularly. Apple has done a very good job ensuring their brand name is not trampled on by Verizon, ATT, etc, which is more than can be said about Android.

The iPhone is also part of a larger computing solution. It integrates nicely with Apple's other products and services.

So while Adroid might be selling on more units, it still has a long way to go to be more than just an OS for your phone.



You obviously don't know anything about Android, there is no fragmented mess, this is just an iSheep propaganda statement. I've used all variants of the OS and all screen sizes and chipsets - and had no problem running the same apps on all of them. The software communication between them all is completely functional, so, no, there is no fragmentation. Ironically, iCrap is "becoming a fragmented mess" - you have 4 screen sizes now, and iPads with all varying hardware components and displays on them. Pot calling the kettle black! Point invalid.

I'm not aware of any "Third party crap" interfering with any of my Android products. The Nexus line are pure Android so your statement is completely invalid on this front, and Samsung putting a skin over the top of Android to improve functionality has never "interfered" with my experience in any shape or form, people also prefer the alternate interfaces. The system is 95% the same as stock without a skin over it regardless, so it's non-issue. Point invalid.

I'm a little confused, my Nexus 4/7 are always up to date and receive more updates, more often than iOS with far less bugs in each one. Most of the iOs updates I see coming out on tech sites are all bug fixes, whereas the last few from Nexus were all adding features as well as minor fixes, not a pure bug fix. While your point is only valid for non-Google devices, updates are not that big a deal. Recapping again, 95% of Apple's updates are bug fixes, the SG3 doesn't need to keep patching things, because it has no bugs to fix that often. iOS just seems like an unstable, bug playground in that regard. Point invalid on Nexus, half on OEM.

Lol, iPhone part of a larger computing solution. Really? So can you take your phone around and plug it into 10 unique computers and have the computer pop up and recognize it and sync with an UNLIMITED array of software? What? No? Only three computers and through iTunes only? You can't even use it to plug into an unlimited array of devices to double as a USB storage device? Huh? What seamless computing solution advantage it offers over Android! Completely invalid point. Android is compatible with so much third party software, hardware, it's own OEM software and hardware there's too much to list. I can sync my phone with Winamp, Windows Media Player, Vuze.... on and on and on. Android is open source, therefore, infinitely more product services.

Android is incredibly superior to iOS in all above points you mentioned, iOS has a long way to go to catch up to that, and it never will due to its walled garden, dictatorship approach to the ecosystem. :)



That was the most misinformed post I've ever read.




Well said!


Paper Jam

"Android might sell more units, but so what."

Isn't the number of units sold kinda the point? And as for individual device sales, the GS3 didn't do too bad, as I recall.

But you are right on one point. An iPhone is an iPhone. One is identical to all. No uniqueness or individualism. Seems a little bland to me.



The same thing you are selling as an advantage to the iPhone is also one of it's biggest failures. Yes, when you get an iPhone, you get an iPhone and nothing else. You can't say "I don't like this. I want something different" without going out and getting something that isn't of a different ecosystem. With Apple, you are told to like what you like. You have no choice. It's like being one of the clone troopers or borg. You are the exact same as the guy next to you and will always be. You have NO choice.

Also, Android is also part of a larger computing solution. There are Android tablets as well as having a nice interface with Windows.



You are aware that choice comes down to two things. I don't like how this works and I want to change it, and this is not good enough, I want to change it.
So as an iPhone user, I don't have a choice because there is nothing I need to change. When I do I will go onto next thing. Right now everything works the best way it can and I am really happy with it.



You also forget blackberry 10, which is selling like crazy by all accounts.



And the HTC 8X and Lumina 920 Windows 8 phones are actually gaining share. Win 8 phones are not going to challenge the leaders for quite a while but for serious business users they truly are gaining traction.
iPhones have peaked, who in their right mind that bought an iPhome 4 then 4s the 5 in the last few years will spring for a 5s.



probably 6 months-1 year too late. Most people I know that had Blackberry already switched to either Android or iOS in the last year. I doubt they'll switch back any time soon.

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