NCASE M1: An Ambitious Attempt to Mold a Mini ITX Case for Enthusiasts



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It's a shame that the case is so expensive. If money wasn't an issue when building a system, i'd totally get one.



These comments about it not having an ODD are wrong. Look at it! The ODD is a slot-load, mounted vertically behind the front bezel.



"Anybody notice no Optical Disc Drive. I'm sure some people dont care for one much but just pointing it out."

It has spot for an upward opening, slot-load slim optical drive at the top of the case behind the front panel. You can even see the drive in the 2nd picture on this page. I'm personally not a huge fan of slot load drives but the room and slot are there if you want them.



Anybody notice no Optical Disc Drive. I'm sure some people dont care for one much but just pointing it out.



you can go work on your powers of observation now.

there is an optical drive.



I’m using Silverstone’s SG06 mini-ITX case right now, it’s about the size of a shoe box. My first mini-ITX build, it’s pretty sweet.

I’ve tried their concept before, by stuffing an HTPC case with hot hardware. I fried two crossfire video cards in the process.



I used to be firmly into the giant computer-with-8-hard-drives-full-tower-case-and-99-fans-that-you-can-hear-outside-your-house..

But that's changed the past couple years.

These days I want the small, lightweight, and quiet!

I'm glad to see the movement towards smaller and quieter PC's

I think that's the future of PC computing.



It also helps that ITX can now sport all the features of a full motherboard just without the extra slots most people don't even use.



This is cool, but if I need a small computer with 3 3.5" drives and a couple of 2.5" SSDs and a 240mm watercooler, I'd much rather just go with micro-atx formfactor. This won't be much smaller then a lot of good mATX mini-towers out there for already for $50 and I imagine doing any work on it down the road - like a RAM upgrade - will be much harder since you'll probably have to take most of it appart to get at the memory.

Perfect mini-itx case for me is the In-Win BP655. Fits 1 2.5" and 1 3.5" drive, 5.25" optical drive and has 1 low-profile PCIe slot (i got a low-pro 6670 sitting there :D ).

I like small form factor PCs, and I build a lot of them, but for watercooled gaming rigs, I don't see a point of going smaller then micro-atx. I don't speak for everyone though, so hope it works out for these guys :)

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