NBC Dumps Silverlight After the Olympics, Runs Back to Flash



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Users have welcomed the new NFL Silverlight player with very positive feedback. During last night's game Twitter was flooded with messages from viewers. Bizzarely, some American football fans, including the editor of Macworld magazine, sounded more excited about the new Silverlight player than they were about the game:-




"Streaming" media just sucks, the only time it should be done is when it's a (truly)live event or news coverage.



"Having a large install base is important because it makes it easier for Microsoft to convince developers to use its platform."


Uh..... No.


This has been, and will continue to be.. Microsoft's ONLY way to get people to use their platforms.  It isn't people's choices to download their software.. so much as it is the only option there is.  Like IE.. since it's integration into the OS and MS's WU forcing users to install IE 7 as a "critical update" isn't a choice for those that use Auto-updates.  It's a fact.  If you wanted to view NBC content (aka MSNBC) you had to have MS software.  

Now that it's over however.. I've uninstalled Silverlight because it's pretty much useless.

No Microsoft.. 1.5 million a day wasn't people going "oh yeah, check this out.. we have got to get this!!" it was "oh great.. here we go again".




From Microsoft's perspective, it certainly is to their advantage to build up a large install base, because as we know, Silverlight is not the only option. Estimates have 90 percent of computers sporting Adobe's Flash, making it easy for developers to choose that platform over Silverlight. And even though NBC was swayed by MS to stream the Olympics via Silverlight, they've since jumped right back to using Flash, which is what the bulk of viewers have installed.

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