Native Gmail App Finally Headed To iOS?



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I actually preferred my iPhone's email app to the native gmail app on my android phone, and wish I could go back!


Keith E. Whisman

There already is a Google GMail app in the Iphone App Store. Do a search in the App store for Google and all the Google Apps pop up. I was looking for an official Google Music Beta App but couldn't find one but I did find a great one for .99cents. 

But on my Iphone 4S I use the Iphone Email program to access my Gmail account. I only use Gmail and I don't use my provider email address at all. I get all the updates and everything. Just do a google search for Migrate Google Android Contacts to Iphone and the instructions pop right up. Best part is that it's completely free and takes but a minute to do. I noticed that there are apps that cost a couple bucks that do the same thing as what you can do yourself for free. 

I'm pretty happy with the Iphone Email app and I probably won't bother with the Gmail app. 



In the first sentence, you wrote aw instead of at, if thats what you meant.



I seriously doubt it'll ever get approved, but *IF* it does it'll prolly get pulled soon after out of pure spite.

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