National Geographic Packs "120 Years of Amazing Discovers" into a 160GB Hard Drive



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To clarify, it doesn't look as the though the HDD version is a special Collector's Edition or otherwise differs from teh DVD package, other than the physical media:

"Partitioned hard drive includes separate space for 100GB of your personal files"

-Paul Lilly



The Hard Drive HAS to be a collectors edition, otherwise you're just idiotic for buying it. 

If your technical enough to know how to use it (doesn't take much, lol), your technical enough to know that yes, you can get a 160gb external drive and the dvd set for under $200.  

The DVDs only make sense.  It's the same data, and, WTF am I gonna do with a 160GB hard drive that I can't erase ANY of the data on because the data is what I payed for!

 Then again, there would be some space left after the 120 years data, if you do the math, like you guys said.

Collectors editions are stupid.  Unless your REALLY a fan of something.  Then, it might be worth it.  Oh geese, that was my rant of the day....



think of the HDD version as the collector edition, and it all make sense.



Uh, at best a dual layer is a little over 8.55gb so with 6 DVD that is only about 51.3. Why bother with a 160gb then? Besides, the DVD's are more secure IMO as a HDD is more likely to fail.


asus dude

Theoretically you could just buy the DVD collection and a 160GB HDD and still come out under $200...



Actually i already have the portable HD. I could save even more and dump the DVD's on to my Portable HD. Years ago i bought this on CD's and they were poor quality scans. If the pictures spanned two pages you could see the crease where they laid it flat to scan. I would have to see a lot better product before i would buy again.

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