Napster Founder Tasked with Cleaning up Chatroulette



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There is a man smoking keef he needs to be smacked on the back of his head if one should so choose to smoke of the tree of life one should do it in the privacy of his home and not draw attention to him self so very uncool. 



This reminds me of the South Park ep. "Man jacking off. Another guy jacking off. Wait, no another dude jacking off..." Ha ha ha!



It seems to me, that if you've selected clean chatting, which means you don't want foul language or nudity, and person or persons are in violation of usage, the plaintif can flag them as such and their IP is blocked for a month, six months for nudity, a year for repeat nudity offenders and indefinately for third time for nudity being the worst offense. You get barred longer for language also if you continue offending, it's just lesser stents becuase language isn't as traumatic. Obviously you would confirm the offense and there could be warnings for false complaints, leading up to and including blocking IP for one month for repeated false complaints if any.

(I love Peter Jackson as a movie director. Go 1920x1080p)


Peanut Fox

The problem with an IP block is it's not the least bit difficult to spoof one.  On a side note my ISP has reissued me three new IP addresses in the last 18months.  

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